10 Days

Eric left this morning for 10 days on-call. That’s two weekends and a full week. Ugh. I’m already feeling a little lost. It’s hard for me to entertain the girls alone, think of interesting ways to pass the time with them. And it’s supposed to be like 100 degrees F every day this weekend, so playing outside might not be much of an option. They are at school now… so I’m working out soon and then dreaming up dinner before I pick them up. I dread 10 bed times alone.

In other news, I took over as president of my local Mom’s Club chapter. I really hope it’s not a mistake… I ‘trained’ with the old president yesterday, but left feeling very in the dark. I was basically handed a binder and told to read up.

Thankfully both the girls are over hand, foot, and mouth. But both have had a hard time each day at school drop-off this week. It’s like they forgot ever being there and it was all new to them again. Lots of tears, and me feeling pretty crappy saying good-bye to them. It helps that when I pick them up they are having fun, but still.

I best go get ready for my Kosama workout. Is anyone serving toddlers anything interesting tonight? I could use some suggestions!

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