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Proud of Myself

I just had to share how proud of myself I am… I normally stay home with the girls when Eric is on-call on the weekends. I mean, it’s hard taking two toddlers out and about alone. But… yesterday we went exploring! And it wasn’t quite as hard as I anticipated. Granted, it did take three hours to get out of the house, at which point it was almost lunch and nap time, but still, we got out and it was fun! We went to a park for a bit, grabbed Happy Meals at McDonald’s and then played a bit at the library with their kitchen and train!

5 thoughts on “Proud of Myself

  1. Woo hoo! I feel your pain. I usually dread taking the kids out alone, but once I’m out, it makes the time go by faster…that is bad, but it’s the truth!!!

    1. So true!

  2. Good job! I’d like to say it gets easier (mine are 5 and almost 3), and most days it does, but some days are still hard to get both of them out…I find the most important thing is to always have snacks packed because no matter what, that is the most important thing on their mind at all times!

  3. I know the one thing I’ve found to save my sanity when I’m home with the kids (and my wife does it too, as she’s the one who’s mostly alone with them during the day) is try and find something to do in the morning. It tires them out and helps the time go by quicker. It takes a bit to get the details down but it’s so worth it! Glad you had a great time!

    1. Good advice! Thank you!

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