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I lost 2 pounds!

It’s Friday! How did that happen again??? Eric left this morning for his week on-call, and I’m currently in the process of being crafty. Sort of. I’m making t-shirts for a dear friend. Here are pictures of what I’ve made so far 🙂 The three upward arrows and blue and yellow ribbons signify Down Syndrome awareness. (Sorry, not the best pictures.)

I’m still reading The Craving Cure by Julia Ross, but happy to report I’ve been cutting carbs for the past five days. I’ve had less than 50g of carbs total each day. With is damn hard! But I’ve lost 2 pounds, so that’s a start I guess. I actually expected more, since all I was eating before this week was carbs, but I won’t get too greedy here. I think the book is worth the read, if you have time and some level of dedication to changing your eating habits. I will say, this is not a diet, but rather a complete lifestyle change in eating. Which is huge and difficult, but I also believe worth it in the end. Will I eat this way everyday? I’d like to say yes, but ultimately probably no. I assume I will cheat on holidays and perhaps special get-together’s with friends, as my will-power isn’t that great. There is a ton I’d love to share about the book, and maybe another day when I have more time, but for now I’ll say this, the book focuses on those five craving types I mentioned in my last post, and for each of those cravings, there are specific amino acids the author recommends to cure these cravings. I’ve been taking some of them, and I’m not 100% ready to say they cure my cravings. If anything, I think cutting the carbs and getting your body not to rely on sugar for energy is probably what cut most of my cravings. I’ve literally had no junk food, bread, pasta, white sugar, etc. this week, well, very small amounts of sugar. And while I’ve kind of wanted it, I haven’t missed it like I expected. I’ve been eating a lot of salads, my dressing is usually my carbs for the day, eggs, bacon, steak was dinner last night, cheese, and other full-fat dairy. I need to start looking at keto recipes as I’ve really just been trying to put meals together this week based on stuff I already eat that doesn’t have carbs, but that makes for sometimes boring meals. I’m not trying to reach keto, as that is closer to 20g of carbs a day, and I don’t think I can, or want to do that, not at this point anyway.

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