Best Friend = Surrogate?

There’s this girl I know. Slightly younger than me, someone I met when I moved here the first time, so about four and a half years ago we met. And since I’ve moved back we have reconnected and become what I would consider best friends. I see her several times a week, we have a lot in common, I feel like I can tell her anything… She’s that kind of friend. I don’t want to say much more to protect her privacy…

Today she told me she would be willing to be our surrogate. She said she actually thought about it after she had her first child, she has two children now, so she did a lot of research then and knows the process in some detail.

I was seriously touched. Who can say they would do that for another person? Grow a child. Give up their body for almost a year. And while it’s tempting, I’m stuck on all the downsides, specifically it ruining our friendship.

I promised myself I would call the surrogacy agency today and schedule a telephone consultation.

4 thoughts on “Best Friend = Surrogate?

  1. I would recommend to have legal bases covered if you haven’t already. I know a same sex couple that used their friend as a surrogate. No legal documents were drawn up. Anyway, after the child was born, the gestational carrier developed an attachment to the child and wanted to parent too which was not part of the agreement. Anyway, it worked out for the best and kid has 3 parents.

    1. I’m thinking we would use the agency to manage everything, regardless if we pick our surrogate or be matched with one. I feel like all this should be left to professionals!

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