Morning Coffee

Those of you who consider yourselves healthy… what do you drink in the morning? I’d like to think I don’t need caffeine, but lets be real… If I want to get healthy I can’t also cut caffeine at the same time.

I love Starbucks, specifically their ultra-sugary favored combinations usually featured as new each season. I realize these are horrible for me, as I’m learning sugar is really the root of all evil. I’ve tried to replace my morning Starbucks run with coffee at home, and to some extent it has worked. Sort of. I bought a cute little pour-over pot, shown below, and an electric kettle, also shown below, that I now use for everything, including watering my plants. (No laughing, it’s perfect for it!) Pour-over coffee at home proposes the same issue though, I don’t actually like the taste of coffee. So even at home I’m pouring a lot of flavored creamer into each cup, essentially making it as unhealthy as Starbucks. Although much more affordable!

This morning I tried something new… I added a scoop of my favorite vanilla-flavored protein powder, shown below, to my coffee, instead of creamer. First let me say I really like this particular protein powder, the taste is really good with very little sugar and mixes in really well to water or almond milk. The same can not be said for hot coffee? Was it hot the problem? It tasted off, and the texture was interesting, to say the least…

Any suggestions of what else I can try?


  • Mary

    I make my coffee at home, but use all the bad for you, but taste amazing creamers. I mostly buy the fat free, which in my head is better. I know they are bad, but I only have one cup and it’s my daily treat. The rest of the day I drink water. Tons of water. Try putting the protein powder into coffee cup and adding a little hot coffee and stir to combine. Then fill up coffee cup. This may help. I cannot wait to see which house you purchased. Was it one you showed us? They were all so beautiful. I’m excited for you.

    • Stefanie

      It was one I showed you… The newer one, the one I was afraid the kitchen might be too small based on pictures… it wasn’t though! We’re loved it!

  • 1suburbanchic

    I’ve noticed sugar has become a problem for me. I make my own coffee but I love the flavored creamers! And I NEED A sweet tea fix at least once a day. I notice I get very cranky if I don’t get sweet tea or coffee through the day. The protein powder sounds like a great alternative! I will need to wean myself off of sugar soon!

  • mylifeasacasestudy

    I have been a starbucks addict since 2001. But lately instead of s’bucks I buy flavored coffee and just use stevia or monk fruit for sweetener and half n half. My fav flavors are gloria jean’s butter toffee k-cups or wolfgang puck’s jamaican me crazy k-cups, but in the interest of saving the earth I have purchased refillable k-cups and my current fav coffee is Lion (brand) hawaiian coffee in toasted coconut. On the fairly rare occassions (since covid) that I go to starbucks I usually get a latte with sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup or an iced coffee with sugar free vanilla syrup.
    Another trick is to make flavored coffee, cool it in the fridge or freeze it in cubes and combine it with vanilla protein powder to make a shake–protein powder in hot coffee is gross! XO

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