28 days, 5 hours

In the past 28 days I’ve been away from both my children for a total of 5 hours. I had dinner with a friend one night, and took Nora to dance another… if that even counts as time away. I’m not complaining. I love my children, but I’m worn out. I need a break. I need me time. Or hell, just time to get a COVID vaccine as I can’t take Nadia with me!

Speaking of the COVID vaccine… You know how the Johnson and Johnson one was put on hold due to suspected blood clots? Well, a friend of mine shared that her husband’s friend’s wife died this week of a blood clot from the vaccine. First, that is tragic and awful. My heart hurts for her family, it truly does. And you can hate me for what I’m about to say, but so be it… There is one confirmed case of a blood clot killing someone due to the vaccine. One. Out of over 6.8 MILLION people who received the vaccine. I question if this woman really died due to the vaccine. What are the chances of this one person being the woman who knew my friend? And if the vaccine wasn’t the case of her death, spreading this information, without confirmation, is causing undo alarm, it is scaring people, for no reason.

Did you know that over a ten year period, the chances of a woman getting a blood clot from birth control pills is 1%, thats one out of every 100 women. Do we are all consider birth control pills safe? Well, yes, safe is relative, but if you compare odds of blood clots due to the pill vs. the vaccine, well, the vaccine comes out as way, way, way safer.

So my friend who shared this information with the rest of our group through a chat… The other friends in the chat immediate began bashing the vaccines, saying they aren’t safe, they weren’t tested, that we are all just test subjects, blah, blah, blah. I took myself out of the conversation. I can’t listen to people, with no medical background, bash medicine. Yes, we all are entitled to our own opinions, but opinions aren’t a thing when it comes to science and data. The data speaks for itself. Do your research. Ask questions. But don’t made wide-sweeping comments that simply aren’t true and can’t be backed up by science. Medicine is not fool-proof. Doctors do make mistakes. And yes, there are risks to everything. That will never change.

This is not the first time I’ve removed myself from conversations with this group of individuals. Keep in mind these are my closest friends in our current town. It’s so hard sometimes to be close with these women when their views clash so drastically sometimes with Eric’s world of medicine. One of the reasons why I have had only 5 hours away in a month is because Eric is very, very busy caring for his patients. He would do anything to help them, and yes, that means some sacrifices for our family. This is not an easy life. And often I struggle with seeing the positives of all his time away from the family.

I don’t have all the answers, do any of us? But I know this, science and data show the vaccines are saving lives, helping the world get back to a ‘normal’ where we can hug and touch and see friends again, go to school, eat out, etc. That is the world I want back. I will get the vaccine.

2 thoughts on “28 days, 5 hours

  1. ASAP please get it. THANK YOU.
    Be super careful in listening to those who are anti-vaccine on other subjects because their sources of information and ideas is clearly……. not reliable…..
    Be very careful too.

  2. UGH! I cannot stand the ignorance of people and those who bash vaccines based on what they read on the internet or listen to from Jenny McCarthy (a playboy “model” – seriously taking medical advise from that)!! You are a better person than me by removing yourself from the conversation – I would have been challenging them on every ignorant remark!! The sad thing is that those who don’t vaccinate their kids don’t hurt themselves, they hurt their children.

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