No Better

I know it’s only been one day off the Singular, but Nadia doesn’t seem any better… She is still saying she feels wet, pupils are large, not really wanting to eat a lot, has really weird stringy thin poop…

There is a clinic in Minneapolis, MN that specializes in complicated medication issues, Newbridge Wellness. Months ago I must have submitted some information about Nadia and asked to be contacted. Well, they called this morning. Based on what little information I shared so far with them, they think a particular provider, Stephanie Belseth, would be a good fit for us. She’s a pediatric nurse practitioner, but specializes in functional medicine… meaning she can prescribe medications, but also likes to focus on whole body healing. She sounds like a combination of the two people we are currently seeing, the MD in Creston, IA, and the naturopath in Australia. Would I be crazy to go see this person? At least get an idea of how she would treat Nadia differently than what we are already doing? I’m not sure how much insurance would pay, if anything, and they already told me she is over $400 an hour. And she’s a little over a three hour drive from our home, but I guess that is the least of my concerns. I’m so confused. But I feel like I need to do anything and everything I can to help Nadia.


  • rose

    You’ve done a full genetic work up and gut flora&fauna? I tend to assume with a doc for father 1000% of medical things have been looked at … also that cost/access is not an issue. But that maybe a totally outdated concept. I am glad you have the resources to make a difference for your daughter.
    I do think you are doing a terrific job at hanging in and considering all options. Figners crossed.

    • Stefanie

      We did two different gut health reports which did give us a lot of information, like it showed the yeast overgrowth we are working on controlling, it also showed strep in her gut, and I forget what all else.

  • Jen

    Honestly, I would do anything you think could help. Since it is quite far away and you are unsure if it’s a good fit, would she do a phone consult first?

    • Stefanie

      No, I asked and they want the first visit to be in person and then after that they will do tele-health appointments… I just feel like I should at least see what they have to say.

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