I’m very overwhelmed… Nadia’s doctor and I talked over Zoom for over an hour. She does want to treat Nadia for Lyme believing it’s a current infection due to the strains that showed up on the IGeneX test. She also thinks overall Nadia has an immunoglobulin issue as all her levels are borderline low. Which is what Nora was born with but outgrew, although with Nora only IgG was low. A few tests showed her liver is stressed but we assume from her toxin load, which includes mold. Also, Nadia’s herpes simplex virus antibodies came back at 58 when positive is 1. So way high. Not shocking as I myself get cold sores whenever I’m stressed snd easily passed that to Nadia. She wants to run a course of antivirals. And a million over supplements and vitamins… Although honestly the hardest part of all this is the fact that she really wants us to cut all diary, gluten, and added sugar. What the heck would I feed Nadia???

I’ll update more soon.


  • rose

    Sending much support to you all. treatable is good but … this sounds very complex and not easy. Hope new nanny works out much better for all of you.

    • Stefanie

      Thank you. So far the new nanny is really great!!! And Nadia already started on some antibiotics so hopefully we see even a little improvement soon.

  • mylifeasacasestudy

    I had to cut all of that (gluten, dairy, refined sugar) and it’s way easier than you think! Look for paleo and whole 30 recipes. I love ” paleo runnin mama” blog for recipes, and obviously pinterest. You can buy gluten free chicken nuggets/bagels/waffles/pizza/cake mix, etc. at walmart or any grocery store. Some pizza chain restaurants carry dairy free cheese (blaze pizza is my go-to). Be sure to supplement with calcium though and try to hide spinach in things like almond milk smoothies, waffles, etc. to get more calcium. Maybe you can use goats milk? Definitely ask the doc. XO

    • Stefanie

      They did say goats milk would be okay, but I’m not sure how many places sell it around here. Ugh. I’ll check that blog for some recipes!

  • mylifeasacasestudy

    I dunno about goats milk but goat cheese is easy to find and I used to put it on everything! I’d use honey goat cheese on gluten free bagels (in place of cream cheese), put it on pizza, etc.

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