Pain Clinic

I have an appointment at the pain clinic in 30 minutes. I’m terrified!

Let me back up.

A few weeks ago I started having a lot of pain in my back, neck, and down my right arm. Some shooting pains, some pins and needles, some dumbness too, especially in my pinky and ring finger. I figured I should be seen when I started to lose some strength in my upper arm. My first thought was just urgent care for an X-ray. I mean, maybe it was nothing. Of course, Eric was like, hell no, urgent care will get you a clueless nurse practitioner. Side note, we used to live next door to a neurosurgeon whom Eric still works with now, so a text was sent and I had an appointment the next day. I honestly felt really, really silly seeing a neurosurgeon for something that could be nothing. Even more silly that they worked me in the following day. I guess it is who you know.

My appointment the following day was uneventful as what can they really tell on an exam for back pain? A MRI was scheduled the following day, which again felt a little silly to me, as I saw that order said STAT…

Results showed some arthritis, several disks out of alignment, and two small nodules, whatever those are, I’m not sure. The pain clinic wanted to see me the next morning, but with the girls I was unavailable with that short of notice.

It’s been seven days now and my appointment is very soon. I already finished a course of steroids which I didn’t notice much relief from, and also a nerve modulating drug, but it wipes me out so I only take it at night and I’m pretty sure it only really works if taken more consistently. I’m not sure what the pain clinic can really offer me, as I’d rather avoid any huge needles stuck into my spine, LOL. I guess I will soon find out. Wish me luck!

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