Food Fails

I’m seriously failing when it comes to feeding my children. I mean yes, they are fed, they are growing, no concerns there. But they are not eating healthy. And we’re supposed to be cutting out gluten and dairy, and they have definitely been eating plenty of both. Not celiac, but still. Everyone tells me children won’t starve themselves. Give them healthy food and they will eat. But I’m convinced this isn’t the case with Nora. I think her issue is more than picky eating, as she is still spitting out quite a bit of chewed food. I’m so frustrated. Meals feel too overwhelming for me lately.

Nora’s special education evaluation meeting is finally scheduled. For the second to last day of school, which is May 19th. I don’t know what was determined, meaning, I don’t know if she actually qualifies for special education services yet or not. That is what will be discussed during the meeting. Why couldn’t they just send me a report to review, instead of making me wait weeks??

Ten days of school left…

4 thoughts on “Food Fails

  1. Thinking of you and your family. I hope the meeting for Nora goes well and you get lots of questions answered and ways to help Nora and her eating problems.

  2. Best wishes for the meeting! Hope it helps for the fall.
    Part of food starts by not buying it (foods not to be eaten) at the grocery store; but this can be hard in many families. Maybe a summer project where she cooks regularly … so might eat too. Raddish Kids is a program on line that might be of interest to your children. Teaches shopping, cooking, recipies, fractions, measuring, table conversation etc. If cooking with your girls isn’t your strong point maybe you can hire a high school student to do it once a week with them.
    Calmly ask her, every time she spits it out or won’t eat, to tell you why in words and simply keep a list of each and every episode for two weeks and see if you can find a pattern. At same time, keep accurate detailed list of time of day and each bite of food she either eats or refuses. Maybe she eats on the run and needs more, or less, structure around food.
    NOT EASY. None of it is. You are trying, hang in. They do grow up. My pickiest eater is the most adventuresome eater now.

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