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Is school supply shopping supposed to be an awesome tradition kids remember when they’re older? I picture the girls and I going to Target, getting Starbucks, and having a grand ol’ time. Except that the year I actually took them with me, it was a disaster, them begging for toys which were so nicely arranged right across from the school supply section. So last year I think I just went and bought everything they needed on my own. I mean, it’s not like you get much of a choice… And I was planning to do the same today. Bad mom? Or organized and efficient mom?

The nanny, if you can really call her that, is here today, so I have a few hours to myself. I should be doing laundry, or dishes, or organizing the house, or cleaning it for God’s sake, but I really just want to get away with this rare opportunity for alone time. Or sit and read my current book selection, The Woman in the Library. Which so far I can’t tell is really good, or horrible. My Kindle says I’m 39% complete. But sitting around reading makes me feel lazy. So instead I will probably go wander Target and get school supplies and at least feel like I’ve accomplished something today.

4 thoughts on “School Supply Shopping

  1. Our mom’s group in our town offers school supply packs, so you pick the pack for the grade your child is in and it magically appears on their desk on Meet the Teacher night. And they make a little money from it so for me it’s a win-win, especially when the supplies are so specific – like red folder, blue folder, yellow folder.

    I remember it being so cool to go school shopping and pick out such things as a Trapper Keeper or notebooks, but I’m pretty sure that was when I was older elementary and junior high so I don’t think you are ruining any memories for your girls!

  2. Honestly order school supplies on line and have them delivered.
    But maybe where you there is a bubble of no infectious disease and mini-clots are mythical. No idea.
    Do leave the house and stretch your world without children, so you have energy for them before school starts this fall. I am afraid you will need to be back fighting for their educational needs again. (Actually maybe it is in just weeks…. now school begins in August in so many places.)
    Thank you for writing.
    Wishing you a magical world……

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