cropped-cropped-c_a_e-211.jpgWhere do I begin…

I have a few main topics I want to blog about weekly, but in line with my personality, I assume posts will be here, there, and everywhere, with many laughs along the way. Welcome, and thanks for joining me on this journey!

My mother named me Stefanie, although most call me Stef. And yes, the ‘f’ rather than a ‘ph’ has been a thorn in my side since as far back as I can remember. In fact, I’m so used to others misspelling my name that I have learned to disregard it.

I quit work as financial analyst at a large university hospital in March of 2015 when my first daughter, Nora, was born prematurely at 29 weeks.  Before becoming a full-time stay-at-home mommy I graduated with a BBA in Finance and completed my MBA as well.  I’ve worked in real estate, insurance, aerospace engineering, and healthcare.

My husband is a private practice Urologist specializing in urologic oncology (kidney, bladder and prostate cancer), robotic surgery, stone disease, urologic prosthetics (male and female slings, artificial urinary sphincters and inflatable penile prostheses), female urology, andrology and general urology.

Infertility, specifically IVF, were the original themes for this blog, but I assume you’ve noticed I’ve swayed from those topics on many occasions, especially since Nora, and more recently Nadia, joined our family!

I was previously married, and then previously engaged… Perhaps at some point I’ll work up the nerve to post on those experiences…

My husband and I married in early 2012.  At the twelve month mark with no success TTC on our own we were referred to a RE. Since then we experienced two failed IUI cycles and one failed IVF cycle which was cancelled before retrieval.  Our second IVF cycle of two transferred embryos resulted in a pregnancy, but we miscarried at 7 weeks.  Our 3rd IVF cycle was a success, our sweet baby Nora.  Our second daughter, Nadia, was a surprise pregnancy. Yes, I’m one of those women who gets pregnant on their own after IVF… We have one frozen embryo, and would love one more child, but due to my complicated pregnancies, we’re currently considering a gestational carrier.

Feel free to email me at StefsCrazyLife@gmail.com, I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I have been invited by a fellow blogger to participate in a blog hop for women in writing. She is a fellow RPL/infertility blogger, but not everyone involved is related to infertility (I actually think most are not). Anyways, this is just a way to connect female bloggers across all communities. Anyway, I am wondering if you would like to participate? Below are links to my friend’s blog hop post and the post preceding hers. If you’re interested in participating, can you send me your a photo of you and a short bio? My email address is myperfectbreakdown@gmail.com. You can see my bio in my friend’s post for reference. I would like to put my post up by the end of next week, and then I think you have a week or so to put your post up after mine.

    If you are interested, after I post my post with your bio, then you just have to write a brief description about why you write and answer the questions in bold. Be sure to include pics and bios for 2-3 people who you invite to participate.

    What do you think? Is this something you would want to do? If you have more questions, just let me know.

    Here are the links:

    My friend’s post indicating that I’m posting next:

    The post preceding hers:

    And the one before that:

    1. Good afternoon!

      I’m honored you thought of me, in fact, I’ve received one other similar email from another blogger… At this point though, I feel kind of overwhelmed with blogging. Maybe I’m just writing too often, or following too many blogs. Just seems like it’s consuming a lot of my time currently. I feel awful saying that, but I think I should pass. Thank you so much though for thinking of me.


  2. I think this is the first time I’ve read your timeline. My name is also Stephanie, with a ph, and I’m serious when I tell you many people want to spell it with an f.

  3. You and I seem to be on the same TTC timeline . . . we started in Oct 2012 as well, but went through 6 failed IUIs before finally moving onto our first IVF cycle this August/September 2014. Wishing you all the best as you continue on this path . . . hope you get your BFP soon!

    1. Thank you!

      And no laughing, I’m kinda dumb with some computer stuff… I clicked on your name and it brought me to your blog, but is there a way for me to follow you, or receive emails of your posts?

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