Nadia – 21 Months

Nadia is 18.5 months adjusted and talking up a storm. She’ll repeat anything you say! And she’s feisty! Diaper changes are impossible… Most days I just take her shoes to school as she downright refuses. We still cuddle before bed though, which is when she’s sweetest. She over 24 lbs now so only 2 behind older sister. And oh the fighting. I had no idea it started this young!! Not the greatest picture, as she harder and harder to capture lately!


My advice, never own rental property. They are always more work than they are worth.

I’m feeling quite discouraged and overwhelmed. As if my house wasn’t a big enough mess, disorganized with junk filling most tables and closets…  Everyone’s dining room table looks like this, right? IMG_5057

Eric went last night to get the rest of our belongings from our old house in Cedar Falls. Not sure if you remember, but it’s currently being rented by a co-worker of Eric’s. They lost their own home in a fire, and moved in quite quickly, thus we had left most of our items in the finished lower level, which included a family room and two bedrooms. Eric dumbed some of those belongs in our current living room last night, the crap pictured below, and more furniture and larger items are coming on a truck this afternoon. So I should be dealing with the mess, but I went to work out in between dealing with another mess related to that property in Cedar Falls. Water damage.


To make a long story short… we think the outside hose connection was leaking water back into the house. We originally thought the damage was just to one bedroom in the lower level, but after having it all inspected this morning we learned most of the lower level is a loss as there is water and mold behind the walls and under the carpet, even the carpet that was dry, although some is very wet. I feel bad being annoyed, as it’s not the renters fault, and they have been through enough as it is… but still, certainly not what I wanted to deal with right now, or ever.

The inspector told us to contact the builder, as the property is only three years old, but I have a feeling the builder isn’t going to be too eager to take responsibility. We shall see…

I guess I better start going through some of this stuff…

Monday Funday

So, it’s Monday. Back to… I was almost going to say the work week, but I guess not for me. I dropped the girls off at school this morning and headed directly to Hy-Vee for groceries. I hate buying groceries, as I really just fill my cart with junk I know the girls will eat, which is usually not very healthy. Nora is still stuck on the Special K Breakfast Crisps, so I got four boxes of those. Both the girls all the sudden decided they like bacon, and Nadia will eat bagels for pretty much any meal. Every now and again Nora will ask for a banana, and she will usually eat apples too, but Nadia isn’t as fond of fruit. I keep trying strawberries, but they both look at me like I’ve given them dog poop. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m hurting their development of tastes by offering them some of the same things over and over. I’m sick of so much waste though, and I feel like I can predict by now what they will eat vs. throw on the floor pretty well. But then I’m failing to give them new choices. Oh, the joys of parenting.

Eric is in Ft. Dodge today, he left last night, and I doubt he’ll be home for dinner, so it will be another night of me not wanting to make a big meal when the girls won’t eat it anyway. I bought a ham steak… maybe I’ll see what they think of that, with noodles of course! Plain noodles!

Wednesday I’m going to try out the Kosama here. I’m partly excited to get back into exercising. But also terrified of not being able to move for at least the first week! Wish me luck! The only class time I’m free for is the 12:15pm, which really breaks up my day… We’ll see I guess.

I did laundry most of yesterday so that’s done for a few days! I’m been trying to redo some of our landscaping, ripping out the cheap stuff the builder put in and replacing with items more interesting. I can only do so much alone though. I have at least one more Knockout Rose bush that didn’t come back after the winter to rip out. I never have much luck with those, but I’m not sure what to replace it with that is around the same size and such… Maybe I’ll run somewhere this afternoon and look. I also want to add more to the side and back of our house, but that would involve ripping up the grass, getting stone and such, as right now it’s just sod. I wish I knew someone who really loved to do this kind of stuff that could help me! The things I tend to really like when I look at scrubs and such are items which get like 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide! Those might work in the back of the house, but certainly not in the front. Any suggestions what I should get? Day lilies are what I’m ripping out…

Wedding Anniversary

Eric and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary this past Saturday, May 19th. Apparently the same day as the royal wedding, although I watched not a single minute of coverage, nor have I seen any pictures from it. I don’t usually get all that into celebrities…

Eric and I celebrated beginning Friday with a trip down to our ceremony and reception site for lunch, Riverside Casino and Golf Resort. They are in the process of remodeling, and I was surprised to find that some of my favorite spots looked very different, places where some of our wedding photos were taken. Here are a few of my favorites… Look how we’ve aged!!!

I can’t believe it’s been six years! And that we have two kids! And have moved three times together already! We’ve done a lot!

Saturday evening my mom watched the girls while Eric and I had dinner at Cobble Hill and then went to see the movie, Book Club. It was cute, but Eric might have been a little bored. He was a good sport though!

Apparently the traditional gift for a couples 6th anniversary is iron. Eric, being his funny self… got me an iron and golf clubs! He gave me the receipts this morning 🙂 We had actually agreed not to do gifts, so it was cute he made an effort, even if he knew they would be returned, and we got a good laugh out of it!

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 10.34.35 AM