Final walk-through and closing on our new home in Hiawatha were this morning. House looked great and closing was super fast and painless thanks to a good friend of mine serving as our mortgage loan expert. After the closing Eric and I grabbed lunch at a cute little restaurant, picked up mailbox keys at the post office, and then unloaded a few breakables we had packed in our vehicles. The house is super nice and I’m so excited to be back closer to family and friends, but I’m also terribly overwhelmed. We have so much left to pack before the movers arrive Friday morning. I also have a list a mile long of other ‘stuff’ that needs to be done. Like having a fence put up in the backyard, preferably before winter, adding a water softener, window treatments, and oh yeah, unpacking! It’s all the little stuff that feels like a lot when it’s all added together. Tomorrow Eric and I plan to pack all day, but we also have the girls with no sitter. And you know how that goes. And it keeps occurring to me how much stuff we have to leave here for Eric to survive, or just buy new. It’s stressful having two fully functioning homes I’m realizing. Above all though, I hope the girls, and the dog, adjust well. Nora seemed sad and confused when I was packing up her room. I tried to explain the concept of moving to her, but I don’t think she really understood. Our favorite sitter/nanny is coming to our new home on Friday to help with the girls…Thank God!

Late this afternoon Eric and I met again with our lawyer to finalize our wills. Talk about depressing. I guess it’s the realization that we truly don’t live forever. That this world goes on once we are gone. I don’t want to imagine someone else raising my girls though. Even thinking about this makes me sad again. Anyway, I guess it’s comforting to know the girls would be taken care of financially if we both pass. I know they would be loved and well-cared for by the guardians we picked. I just hope it never comes to passing their care off to someone else. Oh, and I asked about others contesting our guardian choices… Our lawyer said they would have to prove the guardians are unfit. 

Okay, heading to bed. I was up really early this morning and it felt like a long day. Oh, did I mention my INCREDIBLY dry eyes? Like for the past several months. I’m to the point where I can’t even wear contacts anymore. And I hate glasses. My eye doctor recommended a prescription eye drop… I’m waiting for that to be called in. I surely hope it helps!! Could this just be allergies? I’ve never had any issues with my eyes ever before…

Our New Home?


I found a house I really like! Eric isn’t free until this weekend to see it, but considering he would live in a cardboard box, I’m guessing he’ll like it. Hopefully we can make an offer soon! The link below will take you to some pictures (well, screen shots from my phone). It’s new, the furniture in it is just for show, and since we are keeping our current home, hopefully we can close and move quickly! And so the next adventure begins!



Open Houses

The highlight of today… Three open houses. And none of them were good. And all of these were in Waterloo, where the schools aren’t the greatest compared to Cedar Falls. I’m so fed up with the real estate market here…

  • 2503 W 4th Street – All brick in an older neighborhood with lots of mature trees. Had a ton of neat features, but seems fairly over-priced compared to others we’ve looked at in the same price range. I would probably want to replace all the flooring and countertops…
  • 5024 S Fork Lane – I walked in and thought, hum.. this looks like our current house. Yeah, same builder. The builder I don’t want to build with again. Something about his materials… everything looks nice from a distance, but is crap up close.
  • 5040 S Fork Lane – Actually next door to the one above. And OMG, it was complete crap. So beat up… It needed every single wall and piece of trim painted. Oh, and it used to have a pool, that the current owner filled with cement! Who does that?? Pictures really hide a lot…


According to my phone, it’s Sunday. Feels like a Tuesday or Friday. Everyday feels similar lately. The weekends don’t stand out, being Eric works most of them, this one included.

The only reason I’m writing is because both girls are napping, at the same time, which happens about once a month lately, so I needed to take advantage. I’m convinced Nadia’s heart medication is what messes with her sleep, basically eliminating her daytime naps… We are weaning her off it, so the naps are becoming a bit more regular, but still far from anything I’d consider normal for a child her age.

I didn’t have a sitter this past week. Don’t even get me started. I know, it was a holiday, so I expected her to take some time off, but I thought I was at least going to have her Friday and then she texted me Thursday that they were staying out-of-town through the weekend. I feel like that’s the issue with someone coming to your home, or taking your kids to their home… The dependability just isn’t there, it just doesn’t compare to a center. And while yes, I am a stay-at-home mom, I have a ton of crap planned, mostly doctors appointments for the girls multiple times a week now, and some outings for me as well, and it’s hard to rearrange everything at the last-minute. I feel like I’m that person, who is always cancelling appointments and rescheduling. And August is even a bigger mess with a sitter, as the one I love isn’t available as much as I thought, although she will be back in town for the school year. It’s probably time to place another ad on and start the process of finding a sitter all over again. Even the idea terrifies me.

Which brings me to opening my own daycare center… Still in the research phase. Looking more into Goddard currently, although I’m scared it’s a bit too upscale for this area. My research so far is pointing to our previous city being a better fit. Of course. Of course! The same things I hate about this city are still biting me in the butt! There are definitely enough people here on wait-lists wanting childcare… I’m just not yet convinced there are enough families with enough disposable income to spend well above average for such a service. Granted, they would getting more than just childcare, but it’s getting families to want that, and pay for that, and see the value in it, which might be the issue here.

No word from the sellers of the house we made an offer on… A little part of me thought they might come back to us by now, but nothing yet. I do know they are having an open house today though.

I should be napping… I’m exhausted. I got our little pool out for Nora again this morning. It wears her out and thus she takes a good nap, but it wears me out too! It’s a ton of work to get it out, blow it up, with the pump thing, find all the pool toys, fill it with water, get her in a swim diaper and suit, find a blanket for Nadia and I to sit on, carry each of them down the 10 steep stairs into our backyard, slather them both with sunscreen, then make 17 more trips up and down the stairs for everything else I forgot, then bring everything in an hour later, remove wet suits and wash, re-clothe them in dry clothing and real diapers, drain the pool, blah blah blah. You get the idea. It’s so much work! Why are kids so much work?? I mean, I think I’m a pretty well-adjusted adult with lots of resources. How do younger moms with no help and fewer resources handle this?? And then I was taking Nadia’s infant carrier car seat and rock-n-play into the basement for storage and thought, we have way too much baby stuff not to have another kid. OMG, but it’s so much work!

Do I try to do too much at once? While all the pool stuff was going on, I was also doing laundry and general cleanup of the house. Still doing laundry. I’m still in my swimsuit, as no time to take that off. Just grabbing lunch for myself now… I miss work, where I felt like I was able to focus, and actually finish tasks. I still believe Eric thinks staying with the girls is easy, and maybe in some ways it is easier than working outside the home. But then how come I never seem to actually accomplish anything? Like making dinner while watching the girls… It feels impossible! Maybe Eric should try watching the girls in his operating room while he’s performing surgery. Yes! He should have to get them snacks, turn on the next “Daniel Tiger” episode, change their diapers, etc. And no help from the OR nurses or scrub techs either! That is how this feels to me. Like I’m doing several jobs as once. It’s so draining, and frustrating.



We made an offer on this house… And we’re currently in negotiating limbo. The sellers have owned it less than a year. They put a good amount of money into it redoing the kitchen, painting most of the interior, and replacing all the carpet. The house is 18 years olds though, and thus still has some rooms that need updating. And it’s in Hudson, a very, very small town outside of Cedar Falls. Our realtor thinks it’s overpriced and thus helped us make a reasonable offer. Apparently they didn’t like the offer, as they were barely willing to drop from asking. We negotiated some, our offer isn’t contingent on us selling our current home, and we’re willing to close whenever is best for them… I’m not sure what their deal is, as we’ve gotten no feedback since last night when we gave our final offer. I fear they are going to let us walk away. Which our realtor thinks is insane, since the buyer pool here for this house is tiny. We’ll see I guess. I do really like the house, but it’s a house. Not getting it won’t be the end of the world. Maybe it’s not meant to be. I’ll update when I hear back from our realtor.

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