It’s Friday!

It’s Friday!

Oh wait, that means nothing to a SAHM, whose husband is on-call this weekend…

I’m feeling a little out of it today. I was up too late last night, yes past 10:30pm! My book club is reading Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly. It’s almost 500 pages! And certainly not a beach-read, if you know what I mean. I actually have to pay attention. I even took a few notes, wrote down the characters and such so I could keep track. It’s good so far, I’m only to chapter 3, but it’s certainly out of my comfort zone of reading. I normally stick to suspense or chick lit, this is historical fiction.

I’d really like to pick up a few groceries today, but I still haven’t figured out how to shower when both the girls are awake. Nadia is easy, I can strap her into a swing and she’s usually happy for at least 15 minutes. Nora on the other had… If the gate to downstairs is closed, is she old enough to just play while I’m in the shower? I could close her in the bathroom, but last time I tried that she freaked out, didn’t want to be contained in one room when she couldn’t actually see me. (I keep telling myself this stage doesn’t last forever.)

Nadia is down for a nap, so this might be my chance to shower… Before I go though, one question for those of you who also blog with WordPress. Does your theme allow portfolios and projects, and if so, how do you use them?

Nadia – 21 Weeks

So I started a book club…  But first… Nadia is 21 weeks, 11 weeks adjusted!


Yesterday she had several fussy periods, but overall, she’s a much, much happier baby since we started adding MiraLax to her formula. More smiles from her! Her weight is 10 lbs 7.5 oz, and still a concern. Her next weight check is in a week or so, we’ll see. Otherwise, no real issues. She is cooing more and more, loves her swing, particularly when it’s in front of the TV, and has discovered her hands, which she appears terrified of at times. It’s actually quite hilarious, I don’t remember Nora having such a reaction.

Nadia has been sleeping for longer stretches at night, almost through the night. We put her down anywhere between 7pm and 10pm and she will sleep until 4am. In fact, this morning I woke at 4am and decided to wake her to eat, as I didn’t want her to go too long being I’m already concerned about her weight. And just when one gets into a better sleep pattern, the other has issues! Nora has a nasty cold though, so I’m hoping her night waking will be a thing of the past once she feels a little better.

So the book club… I got the idea after joining the MOMs Club, as it uses Meetup and while browsing the site, I noticed quite a few people have shown interest in a book club, but yet no one had been willing to step up and organize such a group. And maybe now I know why!

The site, which can be viewed here has been active for two days and so far we have 17 members, all women, as I titled it as such. Not bad I guess. More than I expected! Problem is, it’s already been a lot of work, although hopefully this calms down after the initial setup of everything. I’ve found the Meetup site to be a little difficult to use, and I’m in the process of setting up a Facebook group as well, but I’m worried that would exclude those who don’t have Facebook. And two sites is hard to keep up with anyway.

I’ve set one meeting so far, a week from today, so a Wednesday, in the early afternoon. So far 7 have replied yes, which I was surprised at as well, being it’s during the day, and I assumed most women would be working, but I guess not. And I know this sounds horrible, but I really hope it’s not all old women who show up. I mean, some fine, variety is great, but I was really hoping to meet some other women my age through this experience… So we’ll see I guess.

My time so far on the club has been spent setting up the websites, creating some polls to help decide our first book and best meeting times, etc. I guess my original thought was to meet twice a month, maybe the 2nd and 4th weeks… Perhaps read one book a month… Getting together during weekdays is probably best for me, but we’ll see what others prefer. Perhaps a Sunday evening or Saturday morning. A lot of weekends Eric is on call though, so I’d have to find a sitter.

Now… Does anyone have experience with a book club? I’m not entirely sure I know what I’m doing! I’ve managed a lot of projects at work through the years, which involved people, but I’m not an expert on books and the discussion of such, by any means! Do I need to have questions for discussion prepared ahead of time? Or do we just sit around and chat about the book? And what if the group gets too large to meet at coffee shops in town? I didn’t plan to have to pay for a meeting location. And I’m not inviting strangers to my home. Oh gosh, what have I done??