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And just like that… it’s over

All the preparing… and just like that… it’s over. Christmas that is…

I’ve said this before, but I feel the need to say it again. Traveling with (my) kids sucks. They don’t like the car. They don’t eat well, as they are picky and seem to find holiday food unappetizing. But… seeing family, celebrating together, opening presents, seeing the joy on Nora’s face… all worth it. I snapped a lot of pictures so I can look back at the memories. Someday, when I have time to look back!

What they say about always wanting what we don’t have, it’s so true. In the mist of the mess of the holiday, the baking in a kitchen that looked like it exploded, while the girls screamed and hung on me, I couldn’t help but think I’d be happy once it’s all over and life is back to a calm normal. But now, that life is back to that normal, I’m sitting here wondering how it’s over already, and wishing we could rewind and redo. I was supposed to relax and make Christmas cookies with the girls. And wrap presents next to the fireplace while listening to Christmas music. Does that only happen in the Hallmark movies?? One of these years maybe… when the girls are older? Maybe?

Below are pictures of the girls taken Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This was our first real year of playing Santa, and I think we did okay. The girls got Legos, a LeapStart learning pad, shoes, some clothes, PJs, lots of books (we’re really into books!), a Mickey Mouse Roadster Racer remote control car, and other items I can’t quite remember now. Nadia enjoyed ripping the paper, and Nora just kept saying she wanted to open more. I surely hope we haven’t already created a monster. I had a hard time buying gifts, everything seemed to be for Nora, as I didn’t really want to buy a lot of gifts for a one-year old… I feel like we’re going to be past that soon, and we already have so much! In fact, going through all the boxes yesterday, attempting to recycle all the packaging, I was left with an overwhelming feeling of guilt. We have so much… Too much. We should have given more, purchased less for ourselves. I think I need to go through the girls toys and pick a bunch to donate. I still want to by a little table and chairs for the girls so I can set up their playroom and organize some of the more creative toys.

Today I’m reorganizing my mind. Trying to do all the things, well, some of, the things I’ve been putting off while Christmas shopping took priority. I think Kona has been feeling a bit neglected lately, so I booked grooming for her Friday and I’m in the process of setting up a new doggie daycare. Not sure how often she will go, I guess depends on the cost and their availability. I did buy her a new leash and collar for Christmas thinking maybe I could start walking her more regularly… but it’s 4°F today. So yeah, not today. I’d also like to get back onto reading, my book club, knitting maybe, oh yeah, that bible I got, and my Silhouette machine that is now collecting dust. Ugh. And to add to my machines that collect dust… I got an instant pot for Christmas! I promise to use it. I hope. Tonight for dinner we’re having spaghetti… I hope this turns out!

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Christmas Shopping

Since when did the holidays stop being fun? Or are they only not fun for me? Has everyone else figured out how to de-stress and find gifts for people who have everything?? Every year I vow to start shopping early… to find meaningful, special gifts for each person on my list. But again, here it is, into December already, and I’m frantically adding random shit to my Amazon cart as Eric’s family Christmas is next weekend. And do we all remember last years fiasco? I said I would never return. And Eric and I are still in the process of deciding how to handle it all. It doesn’t help he’s on-call that weekend, his clinic Christmas party, which he throws, is Friday night, his family Christmas is Saturday, and then his grandpa’s 90th birthday party is Sunday. All out-of-town.

So far for gifts I think we have most of the kids on our list figured out. Check out this link, monthly kits, depending on their age. Art, crafts, science, technology, again, depends on the age. I’ve purchased them for my own girls in the past and was pleased, so we’ll see. And this way the gift keeps on giving throughout the year. And don’t all kids like receiving things in the mail?

We have a lot of couples we need gifts for… Eric thought maybe baskets of goodies from Mrs. Fields or Harry & David, or maybe something like that but local, as we’re running out of time for shipping. But that still leaves all the family members whom I want to purchase special, personal gifts for…

Perhaps my laptop and I will snuggle in bed and Christmas shop tonight… The girls are sleeping, for now, and Eric is at a photo shoot for something work related. I hope to God not more billboards!