Nadia – 21 Months

Nadia is 18.5 months adjusted and talking up a storm. She’ll repeat anything you say! And she’s feisty! Diaper changes are impossible… Most days I just take her shoes to school as she downright refuses. We still cuddle before bed though, which is when she’s sweetest. She over 24 lbs now so only 2 behind older sister. And oh the fighting. I had no idea it started this young!! Not the greatest picture, as she harder and harder to capture lately!

Monday Funday

So, it’s Monday. Back to… I was almost going to say the work week, but I guess not for me. I dropped the girls off at school this morning and headed directly to Hy-Vee for groceries. I hate buying groceries, as I really just fill my cart with junk I know the girls will eat, which is usually not very healthy. Nora is still stuck on the Special K Breakfast Crisps, so I got four boxes of those. Both the girls all the sudden decided they like bacon, and Nadia will eat bagels for pretty much any meal. Every now and again Nora will ask for a banana, and she will usually eat apples too, but Nadia isn’t as fond of fruit. I keep trying strawberries, but they both look at me like I’ve given them dog poop. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m hurting their development of tastes by offering them some of the same things over and over. I’m sick of so much waste though, and I feel like I can predict by now what they will eat vs. throw on the floor pretty well. But then I’m failing to give them new choices. Oh, the joys of parenting.

Eric is in Ft. Dodge today, he left last night, and I doubt he’ll be home for dinner, so it will be another night of me not wanting to make a big meal when the girls won’t eat it anyway. I bought a ham steak… maybe I’ll see what they think of that, with noodles of course! Plain noodles!

Wednesday I’m going to try out the Kosama here. I’m partly excited to get back into exercising. But also terrified of not being able to move for at least the first week! Wish me luck! The only class time I’m free for is the 12:15pm, which really breaks up my day… We’ll see I guess.

I did laundry most of yesterday so that’s done for a few days! I’m been trying to redo some of our landscaping, ripping out the cheap stuff the builder put in and replacing with items more interesting. I can only do so much alone though. I have at least one more Knockout Rose bush that didn’t come back after the winter to rip out. I never have much luck with those, but I’m not sure what to replace it with that is around the same size and such… Maybe I’ll run somewhere this afternoon and look. I also want to add more to the side and back of our house, but that would involve ripping up the grass, getting stone and such, as right now it’s just sod. I wish I knew someone who really loved to do this kind of stuff that could help me! The things I tend to really like when I look at scrubs and such are items which get like 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide! Those might work in the back of the house, but certainly not in the front. Any suggestions what I should get? Day lilies are what I’m ripping out…

Mother’s Day Recap

I won’t go on and on about this… as its beginning to feel like a broken record, but I will update and say I did not go with Eric to his mother’s home on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, and neither did the girls. He went alone and the girls and I hung out at home. It was a little boring for me, as the girls only carry on a conversation to a certain extent, bit it was way less stressful and anxiety-ridden than my day would have been had I gone with Eric to see his family. Eric was home by 7pm that evening, so in time to help me with bedtime, which was a huge help. I have no idea what he told his family as to why I wasn’t present… I hope he told the trust, that his mother has alienated me and still has not made things right. More likely though he told them I was sick or that it was too far in the car for the girls in one day.

On Mother’s Day the four of us had dinner out with my mom and step-father, and my sister and her husband and two children. It was nice to get together and chat, catch up, although eating out on busy days makes me nervous. The restaurant we picked was absolutely packed, and although we didn’t have to wait long, as we called ahead, it was still crowded and close corners with kids. Nora was surprisingly good, but Nadia was sick of sitting in one place long before our food arrived! I have lots of cute pictures of the girls from that day, but I realized later I didn’t take a single picture with my mother or sister 😦

Daycare helped the girls make some very sweet gifts for me from each of the girls, and Eric gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and pictures of the girls which spells LOVE. Very sweet of him! It was a very special day!


Nora – 38 Months


Nora never ceases to amaze me! She’s sweet and cuddling with me one minute, whining the next, and then throwing a tantrum five minutes later. I blame her age. Three year-olds are tough! Nora hates be woken in the morning… she’s especially moody if she doesn’t wake naturally… Daycare/school drop-offs are still a little tough but definitely getting better. She pretty much just whines now, her teacher, Coya, will pick her up, tickle her, Nora waves to me, and then is happy and playing five minutes later, per pictures I’ve been sent. Today she skipped to her room although was whining when I left. Yesterday she skipped to her room and happily sat down to paint once we arrived.

Potty training, well, it’s coming along. We alternate between pull-ups and underwear during the day, but still definitely do pull-ups at night, and she wakes very wet. For the most part she stays dry in underwear at school, but has lots of accidents at home. Maybe our routine is off here? She will gladly use the potty at school every two hours on their schedule, but at home she really, really fights me. Most of the time when I tell her to run in and go she refuses and cries. Thus at home it’s mostly pull-ups, as I tell her if she won’t sit on the potty, she can’t wear underwear. And let’s not even talk about poop. She refuses to poop at school and has gone in underwear more than I want to admit at home. Yuck. I’m trying not to push potty training, like if she cries to go at home I don’t make her. Or should I?

Nora is still a very picky eater. Mostly carbs go into her mouth, and I can’t blame her, carbs are yummy! She loves noodles with parmesan cheese, bacon, sometimes scrambled eggs, Special K Strawberry Breakfast Crisps, ‘fruit’ snacks, apples, and we still do chocolate Pediasure before bed, although finally out of a straw cup instead of a bottle! I hate it has a lot of sugar, but I swear it’s what is keeping her alive, and it does have some vitamins.

Nora is really good about staying in her toddler bed. I think she only got out of her bed once now since March when we converted her crib. I still use a baby monitor with her. The other night we had a big storm which scared her. I went in to comfort her as she was crying, I’m not sure if she would have stayed in bed that night or not. Our bedtime routine though is getting more and more painful for me, especially when I’m here alone with the girls. I read books with both girls, but separately. Nora likes me to crawl into her bed and cuddle for a bit, and then she wants to talk awhile with me in there too. Sometimes she will play the ‘I’m hungry’ or ‘I’m thirsty’ card. She’s getting more and more clever.

I often look at Nora and can’t really believe how big she is, although she’s still only 27 lbs 😉 She speaks extremely well, basically carries on complete conversations with us, well, to an extent. Our conversations usually involve her daytime activities at school, who she played with on the playground, her overnight dreams, what type of snack she wants, what show she would like on her iPad, you get the idea. But still, I’m amazed at some of the things she says and remembers. Her cute little voice gets me every time, even when she’s being a little stinker!

I’ll update about Mother’s Day soon, when I find the time! Eric is off this week so we’ve been trying to do some things around the house, and of course he insists we eat out for lunch each day, which takes a ton of time and really breaks up the day. He’s meeting with a personal trainer now and then I think we are going to a movie this afternoon before we pick up the girls. Our 6th wedding anniversary is tomorrow and I think my mom is watching the girls for us tomorrow night, hopefully a fancy dinner out!

Happy Friday!

Mother’s Day Weekend

I made no plans for the weekend… I like lazy weekends. Eric has been gone for the past week, so I’m worn out from handling the kids and house and dog and whatever else alone. I know there are lots of brunches in town, could go to one of those…

Yesterday Eric texted me asking if it was okay if he takes the girls to his mom’s house Saturday (tomorrow). Not technically Mother’s Day, but close enough according to me. Apparently his aunt and uncle from England are in the states visiting. They will be here for a month. Why they planned a bbq tomorrow is beyond me. I assume my lovely MIL had something to do with the plans… since it’s at her home. The home of the Christmas fiasco where we were thrown out. Where I haven’t been back to since. Where I don’t want to go Mother’s Day weekend. She has yet to make an effort to make me feel welcome there… and I still have no desire to see her. And it’s more than just her mental breakdown, swearing, throwing furniture, it being a repeated activity… She’s not a positive influence on my girls. Honestly, I can’t think of one good thing she brings to their life. Other then she’s Eric’s mother. Ugh.

So do I let him take the girls tomorrow? Do I go along? I’d love to see Eric’s brother and wife and daughters, but at the expense of being at his moms house… I don’t know. It will be a very small gathering, so unlikely I could completely ignore his mother.

My mom keeps asking me why I can’t just get over it and move on… I guess because there was no resolution. No real apology. No plans to change behavior going forward since Eric grew up experiencing these outbursts. Probably why he overlooks it so easily. It’s common to him, more normal. But not to me. I’d like to see her seek help, therapy perhaps, medication, something. I could go on and on with the reasons she’s a bad influence on my girls…

I’m so confused. I don’t know what is the right thing to do. Eric understands my feelings and said he would go alone or would take the girls, whatever I want. But I don’t like any of those options. I hate feeling like she purposely planned a gathering this weekend to force her sons to choose, knowing both have to travel. It’s about 3 hours each way in the car for us, as we stop at least once with kids. That’s a lot of driving for one day with little ones. And I’m not willing to stay over and spend Mother’s Day in the car driving home. If I don’t go though, it’s more time alone, or alone with the girls, when I’m been alone with them for the past week. Part of me wants Eric to tell his mom no… that his aunt and uncle will be here for a month, we could see them another weekend, but we don’t have other plans… And Eric already pointed out we see my family often, as if it needs to be equal. But… my family lives in town. And isn’t crazy! Doesn’t that count for something!