Proud of Myself

I just had to share how proud of myself I am… I normally stay home with the girls when Eric is on-call on the weekends. I mean, it’s hard taking two toddlers out and about alone. But… yesterday we went exploring! And it wasn’t quite as hard as I anticipated. Granted, it did take three hours to get out of the house, at which point it was almost lunch and nap time, but still, we got out and it was fun! We went to a park for a bit, grabbed Happy Meals at McDonald’s and then played a bit at the library with their kitchen and train!


I’m not even sure where to start as I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on my blog yet. I’ll try to summarize, otherwise this post will go on and on and on.

A couple of weeks ago the main teacher and teaching assistant in Nadia’s room at the day school they attend were both fired. Nadia had actually moved from that one-year-old room to the two-year-old room a week or so before the firings occurred, so I was only really aware when a letter was sent home explaining suspected abuse by the teachers to the children in Nadia’s previous room. I was of course terrified, but the letter said if your child was directly involved the school director would have already spoken with your family in person. Since this hadn’t happened I assumed it didn’t involve Nadia. I mean, I was still very upset and scared, but I figured Nadia was in a new room, the other teachers had been fired, the situation was being handled, etc.

Last Friday morning a social worker from DHS (Department of Human Services) called and said she had reports of abuse to Nadia which took place at the school and needed to meet with Eric, me, and Nadia. I cried. I trusted these people with my precious baby. I had so many questions. I wanted answers.

Yesterday morning when I dropped off the girls at school I saw one of the administrators in the hall and asked if he had a minute. I expressed my surprise at the DHS call and that I wished they would have alerted me ahead of time. He apologized profusely.

Later yesterday morning the school director called and explained that she met with each involved family and couldn’t believe ours was somehow missed… Her and I spoke for an hour, she detailed what she knows at this time. I came away from the conversation feeling a lot more comfortable, not with what happened, but rather how it is being handled… They fired the teachers immediately, they filed police reports, they alerted DHS. I’m not sure what else I can ask for at this point.

Yesterday afternoon one of the DHS social workers assigned to this case came to my home and we chatted for maybe an hour. She was very sweet and personable. She explained that they are still in the fact gathering stage of their investigation, so what she knows at this point is still somewhat limited. Her focus with me yesterday was documenting my impressions of the school overall and the two teachers from Nadia’s room who were fired.

So what I know at this point is… (in random order from my brain)

  • All of the families in Nadia’s class are being interviewed, just as I was today, as well as all the staff at the school, and the two girls who were fired
  • It’s unclear at this point which children were directly involved, since obviously the children are too young to be interviewed
  • A full report from DHS will be provided to families at the end of July when the investigation is complete
  • A police report was filed, but for now the police are waiting for the findings from DHS, if abuse is found, the two girls fired will be charged with assault
  • The alleged abuse includes the pulling on and cracking of children’s toes as punishment for taking off their shoes, pouring water over children’s heads as punishment, and throwing balls at the children, hard enough to knock them over
  • They believe most occurrences took place in the gym, where cameras were not located, although cameras have now been added
  • They believe the girls were fired very shortly after the first incident, which was reported by another staff member

At this point I guess I just wait for the report. Of the two girls fired we and Nadia were very close to one of them, the lead teacher. Nadia appeared to love her, would only go to her each morning, cried if any of the other teachers took her from me. Basically Nadia was very attached to the lead teacher. I honestly can’t imagine or picture her doing any of these things to the children. If the allegations are true… well, I feel so betrayed. When I enrolled my children in this day school I felt I was making a good choice. Everyone I spoke with had only wonderful, positive things to say about this institution.

10 Days

Eric left this morning for 10 days on-call. That’s two weekends and a full week. Ugh. I’m already feeling a little lost. It’s hard for me to entertain the girls alone, think of interesting ways to pass the time with them. And it’s supposed to be like 100 degrees F every day this weekend, so playing outside might not be much of an option. They are at school now… so I’m working out soon and then dreaming up dinner before I pick them up. I dread 10 bed times alone.

In other news, I took over as president of my local Mom’s Club chapter. I really hope it’s not a mistake… I ‘trained’ with the old president yesterday, but left feeling very in the dark. I was basically handed a binder and told to read up.

Thankfully both the girls are over hand, foot, and mouth. But both have had a hard time each day at school drop-off this week. It’s like they forgot ever being there and it was all new to them again. Lots of tears, and me feeling pretty crappy saying good-bye to them. It helps that when I pick them up they are having fun, but still.

I best go get ready for my Kosama workout. Is anyone serving toddlers anything interesting tonight? I could use some suggestions!

My morning…

It’s 5am.

Nora woke at midnight crying her stomach hurt and has been in bed with me since. She’s sleeping on top of me and doesn’t like to be left alone in unfamiliar places. My bed counts as unfamiliar since she’s in it rarely to never.

Nadia is crying in her bed. She may go back to sleep if given milk and rocked for 30+ minutes.

Kona is barking to go out, probably what woke Nadia. Kona will dig if left outside for more than 10 minutes.

What should I do?