Nora – 28 Months

My baby is 28 months!!! Hopefully one of these days she’ll slow down, use less energy, and gain weight, as she’s still only 23 pounds, with clothing and a wet diaper. Or perhaps the feeding therapy will help. I expect a call from our pediatrician tomorrow with the referral. Nora definitely has her terrible two moments, but the sweet kisses before bed make all the headaches so worth it!



I hate to complain about the sticky weather, but can the humidity climb any higher?? Yuck. Feels wet just walking outside!

The girls and I ventured to story time at the CF Library this morning, well, actually, we went to meet a friend and her two boys, and just happened to arrive mid-story time. Nora was quite disruptive, but she seemed to somewhat enjoy watching the other kids. After that finished we stayed to play while I attempted an adult conversation with my friend. It’s always difficult with kids, but it was really good to see her. And nice to get out of the house. I stopped on the way home for a Happy Meal for Nora, which she is actually eating now. Surprise surprise. Maybe all the activity wore her out and made her hungry. Next will be her nap, as it’s after 1pm.

Update on that house in Hudson we made an offer on… Our realtor texted me last night that the sellers could now make 600k work. Interesting, since our final offer was 585k. I guess I’m giving up on it. It’s not that we can’t afford 600k, more than we, and our realtor, don’t believe the house is worth more than 585k, mainly since it’s outside of town. So the search continues. Maybe it’s a sign. Makes me wonder if God is trying to give me more opportunities to realize we need to move back closer to Iowa City.

Eric didn’t get home last night until close to 9pm. I’m not sure exactly when he finished his clinic in Ft. Dodge, but he made time to have lunch with his grandparents and mother after. It shouldn’t annoy me, but it does. As him having a late lunch/early dinner with them meant he didn’t start his 90 mile drive home until 5:30pm. He could have been home by then. And to make matters worse, he got a call from the ER on his drive home that he needed to come see a patient. Ugh. It’s never ending. I despise bedtime alone. Nadia is getting her top four teeth, thus she is always fussy, bedtime being no exception. I stopped reading to Nora in her room five times to go calm Nadia. Which never actually did calm her. Nora was finally in bed around 8pm at which point I just stopped fighting bedtime with Nadia and brought her out to play a bit more. In the end, it all worked out, but it totally stresses me out when both are screaming, both need me… I never quite know how to separate my time. Neither want to wait, Nora crying just as much as Nadia if I walk away from her. 

As for Nora’s eating, I’m going to call her pediatrician this afternoon and ask for a referral to feeding therapy. There is a therapist at the same location where I’ve been taking Nadia for speech and physical therapy. Ugh, the thought of going there three times a week overwhelms me, but… Nora isn’t gaining weight. I hate picking her up, she’s just bones. Even her face seems sunken in lately. Or maybe it’s just my imagination, I don’t know. Meals are just so stressful for me. I actually avoid taking her out places because it’s so stressful if events fall over mealtime or involve food. I hate this feeling. I’d at least like them to evaluate her.


I feel like Nora is regressing a bit lately… When it comes to eating… The past week she has eaten much less than what is even normal for her, which is little to begin with. And she’s been crying lately for a bottle. I hate she still takes bottles at two, but… In bottles she either gets Pediasure or toddler formula meant for two year-olds. The formula is probably better for her than any real food I can get her to eat, as she is limiting herself to popsicles, ‘fruit’ snacks, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, cheese, and the occasional frozen gogurt. The pediasure is pure sugar, so although it was recommended by the neonatologists who still follow her from Iowa City, I’m not a huge fan of it. And I know, plenty of moms with ‘normal’ kids will tell me she will eat when she’s hungry, but I’m beginning to think that isn’t the case. I’ve noticed often Nora is extremely moody, but if I give her Pediasure, she perks up and is happy, like perhaps she was just overhungry. Why wouldn’t she connect eating with feeling full?  Ugh…

My other thought is jealously… She sees Nadia getting a bottle and wants the same attention… I don’t know. I’m running out of ideas, but feeding Nora is seriously so stressful for me. I dread mealtimes. I don’t know what to offer her. She just stares at almost everything except her standard mac and cheese. How many meals in a row can a child eat the same thing??? She used to like apples, but even those she turns her nose up at lately. Most vegetables she spits out. She did eat quite a few pistachios at dinner tonight, which shocked me. Of all things for her to eat!

I know Nora isn’t gaining weight, as she steps on our scale every morning as she likes the beeps it makes… Nadia is so much easier to feed, as so far she likes lots of the baby food I’ve tried with her. I wasn’t originally going to do baby food with Nadia, thinking baby-led weaning would be easier. But I did the baby led shit with Nora and see how well that worked out! So Nadia is getting jars of stuff that sometimes smells awful, but she likes it!

Tomorrow afternoon is Nadia’s first physical therapy appointment. I have no idea what to expect, but I’m nervous. I guess I don’t want to find out she’s behind in meeting milestones for her age. But perhaps knowing sooner rather than later is better…

Nora’s Immune Results

Dr. Bayer, Nora’s Immunologist just called with some bad news…

At our last visit on February 1st Nora’s IgG level was 453, the normal range for her age being 453-916. Now it’s only 365, so quite a significant drop. The doctor told me not to worry, as we know Nora’s body can make some IgG. The rest of the test results aren’t back yet and could take a couple of weeks as they are rarer and take longer to complete. The original plan was to see Dr. Bayer again in 12 months, but now we must return in 6 months for more tests, or sooner if Nora’s starts to develop infections.

I’m bummed… but I know it could be worse. It could always be worse. For the time being Nora is healthy, except for a horribly bad cold. I’m focusing on the good!

Another rainy cold day

It’s got to warm up soon, right?? This weather is wreaking havoc on my mood…

Yesterday late afternoon Eric got home from work and I decided I needed out of the house. Sadly, roaming Walmart with Nora while Eric watched Nadia was the most exciting thing I could find. Nora, of course, wasn’t content to sit in the cart… she insisted on pushing the cart. And pulling random items from the shelves and throwing them into the cart when I wasn’t looking. Sneaky little girl, and several surprises for me at the checkout. Here is her looking all proud of her cart pushing skills. 

Last night Nadia slept in our room in the rock and play. Which no longer rocks, damn thing. I wouldn’t say she slept any better but at least she was closer so I just had to reach over when her binkie needed replacing. I hate to ruin her transition to her crib, as she was doing so well in there, but I need sleep. Tracker tells me I got almost four hours last night. Not enough. Hence I’m supposed to be napping while Eric watches the girls for a bit, but I hear Nadia crying… Amazing what moms hear that daddies don’t…

Omg, I just went to see why Nadia was crying and found Eric asleep on the couch. Men. 

This morning while Eric was working the girls and I ventured to Michaels so I could find some yarn to make a baby blanket. More on that another time… Anyway, while there I realized something… I need to learn to lower my expectations while out and about with the girls. They aren’t always going to be happy, or in good moods. We aren’t always going to actually accomplish anything. But that’s okay. It’s the experience, right? Nora had fun helping me pick yarn, and Nadia happily chewed on her binkie before falling asleep in the stroller. Sure, Nora refused to ride in the stroller and thus made the trip harder and longer than expected, but we got out of the house and spent the morning together. I can only assume that when the girls are grown and have moved away I’ll miss these times. 

Tomorrow Eric has an outreach clinic scheduled in Ft Dodge, about 90 miles from our home where he grew up. I’m terribly annoyed he’s seeing patients there when he’s more than busy enough in town. I have a feeling the arrangement has something to do with seeing his windowed mother more often. Don’t even get me started on that topic which really deserves an entire book. Eric doesn’t like to drive in the morning so he usually leaves Sunday evenings as his clinics there are always on Mondays. Thus, another night and overnight alone with the girls for me. Please sleep well Nadia!!

I do have a sitter tomorrow, but because Nora has an appointment in Iowa City with the immune team that follows her. I hate taking both girls alone so Nadia will stay home with the sitter. It’s still an all day affair for Nora and me though, with driving back and forth and the awfully busy clinic. Plus, they will draw blood to check all her antibody levels and I think she is getting a special vaccine for children with compromised immune systems tomorrow as well. I so wish Eric was going with us instead of to Ft Dodge. 

Still no word from my realtor on when we can see that house with all the light wood. Maybe he didn’t get my email as he’s usually really fast with replies…