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Another Instant Pot Fail

Maybe it’s me. It seems the entire world, as I know it, is ranting and raving over these freaking instant pots. Remember the spaghetti I made that was rather tasteless? Well, the following day I made a chicken and dumpling recipe I found online. And I didn’t care for it either, even though it claimed to be the best pressure cooker chicken and dumpling recipe to ever exist. It was tasteless. No wait, it wasn’t completely tasteless. The chicken tasted like chicken. The dumplings tasted like flour. But there was no happy mingling of flavors. I’m beginning to wonder if that’s an issue with cooking food superfast, faster than ever really intended. Don’t foods need time for the flavors to join? Is that’s the beauty of slow-cookers? Although pressure cookers have been around for years and years, right?

I’ll keep experimenting…

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Instant Pot Spaghetti

Link to Instant Pot Spaghetti recipe


So… I must admit… the spaghetti I made for dinner last night in my instant pot was just… okay… Probably wouldn’t make it again…

Making spaghetti the ‘traditional’ way of boiling noodles, browning hamburger, adding sauce and heating, isn’t really all that difficult. And doesn’t take all that long, although either way feels like FOREVER with two screaming children hanging on your pants. This was my first experience with my new instant pot though, so probably something good to break myself into fast cooking.

My biggest complaint about this recipe was the overall flavor. It was blah. I suppose you could add a lot more spices and such before cooking, or after, and cheese after too… The recipe calls for 36 oz of water, which I suspect is needed to cook the noodles, but I have a feeling this is what also contributed to the blah, watered down flavor of the sauce. Also, some of the noodles were stuck together and uncooked, but not a huge deal to fish those ones out and pitch.

Here’s what I wasn’t prepared for, this being my first instant pot experience… The recipe says to cook at high pressure for 8 minutes. Sounds super fast! But… I didn’t realize it takes at least 10 minutes to preheat before it starts the 8 minutes of actual cook time. And another 2 minutes at least to release all the steam, which note to self, next time don’t place pot under cabinets! Adding in the preheating time, and the fact that you still brown the hamburger first, although in the pot, saving a dirty dish at least, well, it just really wasn’t much faster, or better, than traditionally made spaghetti. In my opinion 🙂

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