16 Months

Nadia at 13 Months Adjusted. I’m hoping to post more about Christmas tomorrow!


New Addition…

I added a new addition to our home… a bible. We have several children’s bibles, but this is the first actual, adult bible. No idea if I’ll be reading it cover to cover… Time will tell.

I think I commit to too much. Now I think I’m reading the Bible when I just checked a book out of the library, have about 10 started on my kindle and 30 more waiting to be read, I’m in the middle of two on my audible app, oh, and Christmas is 5 days away. My house is a mess, none of the presents are wrapped, food has not been planned, laundry is piling up…

I keep telling myself to slow down and enjoy all life has to offer!

Last Monday before Christmas!

Only a week until Christmas. I wish I could say I felt more prepared… But what do they say? If it weren’t for the last-minute, nothing would get done? Or something like that!

The girls are at daycare today. After I dropped them off and stopped for a latte at Starbucks and then to Sam’s Club for kleenex and toilet paper. Necessities people! Then Hy-Vee for a few groceries. I’m doing laundry now and waiting to see if the whole house humidifier I attempted to turn on is going to run… Time will tell.

The house is nice and quiet, and I wish I could say I was relaxed and enjoying the moment. But no, I have a billion things on my mind, wondering how everything will be accomplished in the 6 more days until Christmas Eve. Eric is on-call this week, so not back in town until Friday. Ugh. That doesn’t help matters. And next week should be his entire week off, but due to the holidays he is only off Saturday through Tuesday. It’s so hard without him here! Where is my time to listen to Christmas music, make cookies, and wrap presents???

I have most of my shopping done. Actually, it’s my girls that are left, as I have zero clue what to get them. They need nothing and I don’t want to spoil them with more toys. God knows they will receive enough from everyone else. We didn’t really do Santa last year, as Nora was too young, and she might even be too young this year to understand? We’ve mentioned Santa but it certainly hasn’t been a daily discussion here. I only have a few gifts for them, educational toys, so are all those gifts Santa gifts? What do they open from Eric and me? Why do I feel so lost when it comes to parenting and Christmas?? And I just remembered I forgot to do St. Nick gifts in their stockings in early December. Oops.

I better go update my to-do list so I don’t forget anything else!

Busy Weekend

Friday was Eric’s work Christmas party. He and his three other partners hosted at a bar/pizzeria in Cedar Falls. All his clinic staff, OR staff, and spouses were invited. I think we had a pretty good turnout, 75 people maybe… It was a fun night, but hard for Eric since he was on-call, so couldn’t drink, and did get called into the hospital once during dinner. And because he was on-call I had to drive back and forth from home alone. Thankfully my mom was free to watch the girls.

Saturday was Eric’s family Christmas. Well, sort of. The celebration with his grandparents and extended family was Saturday. The ‘normal’ get together with his immediate family wasn’t planned this year. For some obvious reasons. Eric and I decided he would go alone to his grandparents,, but that left me alone with the girls all day Saturday, with little sleep due to the Christmas party the previous evening. It was a long day since Nadia was awake at 6:45am!

Yesterday (Sunday) was Eric’s grandfather’s 90th birthday party in his hometown. This was the main reason why we didn’t all go Saturday, as all the same people were in attendance at the birthday party, therefore we didn’t want to drag the girls 2.5 hours each way in the car, two days in a row. Call me lazy, but I just wasn’t up for it. Oh, and I was puking Saturday night and woke with an AWFUL cold Sunday.

I think the girls had fun seeing their cousin and Eric’s cousin’s children at the party, but wow, it was a long day. There were many tears and meltdowns along the way! I know it meant a lot to Eric for all of us to go, so even though I felt really sick and icky, I made the best of the day, smiled and chatted with everyone. Well, except his mother who avoided me, but I guess that’s fine. Easier that way.

Nora’s Immune System – An Update

Last Thursday Nora and I spent the better part of a day, five hours actually, at the children’s hospital in Iowa City seeing her immune doctor. The visit involved a clinic visit and a trip to the lab. And a trip to the gift shop to waste time, as the doctor was running behind. Nora did amazing with the blood draw, she was scared, but hardly cried at all.

The good news… All of Nora’s immunoglobulin levels are normal, including IgG which was the one specifically low in her body since birth. This is huge!!! We were originally told most children outgrow low levels by the age of 5.

But the bad… For whatever reason, Nora still isn’t making antibodies specific to the vaccinations she has received. Meaning she is still unprotected, as if she didn’t receive the vaccines at all. At our visit on Thursday Nora was given an additional vaccine, PPSV23, which is reserved for the elderly and anyone with a weakened immune system. It protects again 23 strains of pneumococcal bacteria, whereas the vaccine commonly given, which Nora also previously received, only protects against 13. In four to six weeks we have to return to the doctor for more blood work, to see if her body built up an immunity to any of the 23 strains this time.

I’m trying not to think too far head and what it could mean if we get bad results again. For the time being, her doctor was thrilled that Nora is doing well in daycare and hasn’t needed antibiotics or worse to recover from the several illnesses she’s experienced since the beginning of November.

After Nora’s appointment her and I headed to the mall play area before we picked up Nadia from daycare. It turned out to be a really good day just her and I 🙂

Other plans

As kids always do, mine had other plans for me today. I was up THE ENTIRE night with Nora. She has a bad cough and a low-grade fever. So the girls and I are home, I was too tired to get Nadia ready for daycare and wasn’t in the mood to leave the house anyway… I had to reschedule my appointments today, boo. I need a nap but with Eric still away until probably late tonight that isn’t going to happen. So far though I did dishes and a load of laundry is in the washer. Although while I was doing dishes the girls were spreading empty garbage bags all over the house. Ugh. Too much to think maybe I could wrap a few presents today?

Why is parenting so hard? Am I the only one who misses less responsibility and craves more freedom? I love my girls so, so much, but life is definitely more challenging as a mother!

Task list for tomorrow

  • 8:30am –  Drop girls at daycare pending both are healthy.
  • 9am – Meet some lady at new church and officially register as members. Are they gonna ask for money immediately?
  • 10:30am – Hair cut with my favorite hair girl. I think it might have only been three weeks, but I need it re-shaped for the holidays!
  • Laundry
  • Groceries
  • Wrap gifts
  • Write an actual blog post to dispose of pent-up anxiety and anger toward upcoming Christmas with in-laws. I know, you’re on the edge of your seats waiting for that, right??

For now… bed. Nadia and Nora both have coughs which wake them every 20 minutes or so. I got little to no sleep last night and spent all of today running around town buying Christmas gifts for people I never see but who are related to me somehow. Honestly, I’d much rather give more to those in-need and less to those I know. But that’s another post for another day. Eric left for Ft. Dodge last night around 6:30pm and isn’t coming home tonight either as he just finished there and doesn’t see the point in driving two and a half hours here just to sleep and drive another forty-five minutes back to work in Cedar Fall tomorrow. I guess seeing me and helping with the girls overnight never crossed his mind. Oh men…