Walmart Pick-up

I’m not a fan of Walmart. Mostly the checking out process that always seems to take forever and piss me off in the process. I normally shop at Hy-Vee. I like their fruit. And everything else. And checkout is a breeze. Although you pay for it with higher prices. But I’m willing to do such for my sanity. Sometimes.

He-Vee has a $100 minimum for online shopping, I think. Walmart’s is only $30. I only needed a few things yesterday, in the midst of all the hand, foot, and mouth sickness and whining children. And everything I needed was stuff Walmart doesn’t make, like Children’s Tylenol, Pedialyte, and coffee k-cups. So I downloaded their app and placed my order, reserving 3-4pm for pickup. I figured I could surely get the kids into the car for a quick drive later in the day.

HAHA. God must be laughing at me. Is there a hidden camera in my car providing the rest of the world with laughs??

The only way I was able to get Tylenol into Nadia the past few days has been hiding it in drinkable yogurt. So roughly 30 minutes before I planned to leave I loaded her up. Nora spiked a fever yesterday afternoon. She hadn’t wanted to eat all day, had been laying on the couch watching the iPad, and had eventually fallen asleep. I did get her to suck down some Tylenol maybe an hour before I planned to leave for Walmart.


About 30 minutes before we left the house Nora started complaining that her stomach hurt. Sometimes she confuses being hungry with it hurting, and since she hadn’t eaten all day, I figured it was no big deal. I offered her food, but she refused.

I got the girls into the car and we were off. Walmart is maybe 12 minutes from our house, but by interstate. As soon as I pulled onto I-380, Nora started screaming that her stomach hurt, and then started puking. First clear liquid, then yellow liquid. I couldn’t really pull over on the side, well, I guess I could have, but I didn’t want to. So I kept driving. Oh…. and it was POURING rain. Imagine the hardest rain you’ve ever seen, and then picture harder. With small pebbles of hail.

I finally get to Walmart, run around the van to Nora’s side to get in and clean her up. I was soaked. She calmed down some, but was very upset her blanket was covered in puke.

Finally the guy wheeled out my groceries, which involved me getting wet again as he wanted me to peak in the bags and sign his small machine. Ugh.

So back home, through the POURING rain, through a different town, since our main street is closed as they are re-paving it. Like what else! Thankfully Nora said she felt a lot better after she threw up, and was acting almost normal last night around dinnertime. Maybe she threw up the Tylenol I gave her on an empty stomach? She even ate her usual noodles with parmesan cheese. I thought, okay, I can do this. One sick kid alone I can do. Not two.

After my mom got off work she brought over dinner for me and her. Bless her heart. And she even offered to come help me give the girls baths tonight. Not sure yet if I’m going to take her up on that offer or not…

Before bed last night Nora’s temp was up again to around 102°F. I assume it’s the fever that starts this whole hand, foot and mouth thing… awesome.

Today Nadia is still cranky, but possibly acting a little happier. She has many, many blisters on her feet, and a good amount on her hands and bottom. I’m not sure what the ones in her throat look like now, but none of them seem to be drying up yet. She did drink some juice today without saying ‘owie’ though, so I’m calling that improvement.

Nora’s fever this morning was just barely above normal at 99°F, and for the most part she is acting normal. I’m just waiting and watching her hands and feet.

I chatted with the bride today and she said she completely understands why we’re not coming. But I still feel awful. Thankfully Eric’s call ends tomorrow afternoon sometime and then he has the next week off to help me with the girls. I can’t wait, counting the hours!


Eric came home last night from 5pm to 9pm. Basically helped with dinner and bedtime, which was huge. But I’m still exhausted. Nadia slept last night from 8-10pm. I went to bed shortly before 10pm. Thus I hadn’t slept yet when I got up to get her back to sleep. She finally fell asleep at 430am. She was very unhappy, nothing really settled her. She didn’t want to eat or drink so very hard to get Tylenol into her. When my alarm went off at 6am this morning I had no desire to get up and shower. So I didn’t. I slept until the girls woke around 830am. I decided it was too much work to get Nora all ready for school, so she’s home with me today too. First thing I put our dog outside and she digs, drags mug all over the downstairs carpet. Ugh. I’m over the dog. I love her but she clearly doesn’t get enough attention when I’m here alone. I got the girls out of bed and noticed Nadia has a lot more blisters today than she did yesterday. Lots on her feet so she wants me to carry her even more then I already do. She’s really cranky. Of course. Yesterday she only had two wet diapers which concerns me. I placed a grocery order to pick up later which includes pedialyte and chewable Tylenol. So far the only way I can get liquid Tylenol in her is putting it in drinkable yogurt. But she’s only so interested in that too.

I basically just feel like I’m failing here. It’s Wednesday and Eric won’t be home again and for his week off until Friday afternoon sometime. There is no way I can handle everything here and get us all ready to leave for out of town Friday when Eric gets home. And I also doubt Nadia is all the sudden going to feel better Friday. I mean, I hope she does, but… So I’m about to call and cancel our hotel and the dog’s boarding 😦 I feel so bad. Like I’m letting the bride down by not coming 😦

So confused

I’m so confused about the wedding we have this weekend. I was looking so forward to it… but I’m leaning toward cancelling. Even if Nadia is better, and even if Nora isn’t ‘sick’ she could still be contagious… I can’t possibly imagine giving this to someone at the wedding…

Too many thoughts

Too many thoughts… all jumbled in my brain…

  • Nadia’s tube surgery went well. They drained for a few days as expected and haven’t again since. Yesterday our pediatrician said her ears looked great.
  • Eric’s schedule is still messed up due to Memorial Day. He was on-call two weeks ago, and this week as well. Last week was a commute week, and he was only home one night before 10pm. Parenting alone, going on three weeks straight, especially with sick kids, is really hard on me.
  • Nadia has hand, foot, and mouth. She started with a fever on Sunday, which I originally thought was probably something with her ears. But no. Monday she woke up with one blister on her thumb. Pediatrician said there are sores in her throat, but honestly, I still don’t see many more true blisters on her body. I see lots of tiny red bumps, but that’s all.


  • Nadia did not sleep last night, and isn’t very interested in eating or drinking.
  • I’m exhausted. I had no energy to get Nora ready for school today, so they are both home with me. I’m sort of waiting for Nora to start with the fever.
  • I finally got Nadia to sleep, Nora is currently having popsicles for breakfast and watching Barbie on the iPad. Yeah, I’m feeling like mom of the year right now.
  • I’m attempting to deal with our many piles of laundry. Why is something as simple as laundry so difficult when you’re home alone with two toddlers?
  • Our favorite baby-sitter from Cedar Falls is getting married this weekend. The ceremony is outside, the reception inside, I believe. Both are about three hours from our home. I’ve been planning for a while. A hotel is booked for two nights, Kona is set up for boarding. I even spent a lot of time deciding on cute dresses for the girls and I.
  • Do I cancel now? Wait until the last-minute to see if Nadia is better?
  • Kona keeps digging. I’m so sick of cleaning up her paws everytime I put her outside.
  • Nadia is up already… more later. Maybe.

Pre-Op Appointment

Pre-op was this morning. And Nadia has a double ear infection so another round of antibiotics. I’m not shocked as on Tuesday at the ENT there was a bit of fluid in one ear, and she was super cranky this morning, sticking her fingers in her ears and such. I guess I’m glad we’re getting the tubes so soon.

Only concern at pre-op was Nadia’s SVT, which although she is still being followed by cardiology, hasn’t been an issue since discharge from the NICU. She was on meds the first year of life, but thankfully we’re finished with those. So we’re on for Tuesday with the tubes, only concern would be if she has a fever with her ear infection before then… Let’s hope not.

I finally had time to workout today. I assume I won’t be able to get outta bed tomorrow. Good thing Eric comes home tomorrow… but oh yeah, our guests arrive as well…

Two Down

Two doctors appointments this week down, one more to go.

Nadia’s ophthalmology appointment went well, considering it took four hours… Her eyes look perfect thus she’s been released from their care related to prematurity! One more specialty out of the picture! Tomorrow morning is her pre-op for tubes… Hopefully it’s quick and I can get her to daycare before lunch so I can actually work out. It would be the first time in over a week.

Today felt long and hard. Four hours in a waiting room with a 20 month-old is brutal. Keep in mind her eyes were dilated, so she was pissed about that. This picture was obviously taken as soon as we got to the hospital. monster cookie in hand 🙂 7A73EAAE-8602-4BDD-9396-CE54CC0B2B06

I was so hoping Eric could drive home for even a few hours tonight, at least to help me with baths and bedtime, but no such luck. He said he had too many patients in the ER and more being transferred from smaller hospitals which don’t have urologists. But… the girls are clean and in bed, I think one is sleeping, hopefully the other will be soon.

Also today, this morning, was our Mom’s Club meeting, and I was voted in as President. More to come on this topic as I honestly don’t know much yet. I get the impression a lot of moms weren’t happen with the current president, but with 40+ members, how do you keep everyone happy?