Kona = Stress

I don’t know what to do with our dog anymore. I know what you’re thinking… re-home her. Well, I can’t. I would feel too guilty. She is part of our family. But like all the other members of our family, we have to live together in harmony. And currently, that isn’t happening.

First I should probably point out that I have been in this house, without leaving, with the girls, without help, without even seeing another human for going on three days now. So my annoyance and stress is higher than on a normal day. Plus, we close Monday and move next Friday, so I’m also trying to pack. Alone, with the girls, with no help. (Eric is in Cleveland for work.)

I finally got the girls to nap, at the same time today. And then Kona barked. She barks at everything and everyone. Pretty much non-stop. Sometimes for no reason. Yes, great guard dog, I guess. If that’s what you’re looking for. Me though, I like quiet.

I realize it’s probably a training issue, or lack of training issue rather. But she’s seven. I feel like we can’t really start over with training her. Can we? We have a bark collar. But I feel horrible putting it on her. She walks around, clinging to my legs, looking all sad and scared when it’s on her. Often I close her into the laundry room during the girls’ naps. She has food and water in there…

And then there is the hair and mud she tracks in. Our new home is a walk-out to the (soon to be) fenced yard. I’ve considered having Kona only in the lower level. But how much would she really even see us? And then would the lower level be twice as dirty and hairy as the entire house is now?

Suggestions? Help!

Nadia’s One Year Photo Shoot

She screamed and clung to me pretty much the entire session… Here is one sneak peak the photographer posted on Facebook. I’m hoping we got a few more cute ones…

And it poured the entire drive there and back. And we encountered a detour… But all in all, I’m thankful for our very patient photographer and look forward to seeing the pictures. 

For now though, to bed I go. Eric leaves for Cleveland Sunday morning so I want to really focus on packing tomorrow while he’s here to watch the girls. Which reminds me, he’s on call, so… yeah, I guess I’ll watch the girls and pack tomorrow!

Movers Hired!

I wonder how many of my posts start with me saying how overwhelmed I’m feeling?

I am though. Overwhelmed. I’m lucky though, the girls are healthy and happy, we are moving into a beautiful home in a few weeks, Eric has a great job he loves… And me. Hum. I love my girls so much. But I don’t love being a stay at home mom (SAHM). Someone just last night reminded me that being a SAHM is like any other job, it’s not for everyone. In fact, I just got off the phone with our financial advisor, as we’re buying more life insurance. Just what we need. Anyway, on the application our advisor listed my occupation as ‘homemaker’. Is it bad I cringed just a little reading that? One of my first tasks once we are moved is to visit a few daycare centers and get our names on wait lists. But… if it’s anything like here, the wait will be years. Which obviously doesn’t help me anytime soon. And maybe not ever for Nora, since she probably will go to pre-school a year from now. I know, crazy to even think that! Wasn’t she just born???

Movers are scheduled for Saturday, October 28th, as our closing is Friday the 27th. I am excited. I am. But moving is hard. And stressful. We’ve moved a lot. And it never seems to get easier. It’s difficult with kids, as they need so much stuff that can’t be packed. I know, none of this is life or death, but still stressful for me, especially since Eric can’t really help with much.

But again, we have our health, beautiful children, we are blessed. I am thankful. For all the craziness, uncertainly, sleepless nights, poopy diapers, fights for fruit snacks, piles of laundry, hair-pulling, crying, and so much more, I am thankful.

Another Week

The weeks are flying! We decided not to take a trip this week, but mainly because it just wasn’t a good time for Eric’s brother and wife to have company. So worked out for the best, even though I assume Eric is a little sad. I know he really wanted to see them.

Eric was a bear last week and even Friday night, I assume because he was so worn out from his week of being on-call. He was super busy, so hard on both of us. Saturday morning we went to the farmer’s market here and then stopped at a park to let the girls play a bit. It was such a gorgeous day! The sun and fresh air wore us all out though, so we picked up a pizza for lunch and then went home for naps.

Looks somewhat safe…
Nora loves slides!

Sunday (yesterday) morning and most of the afternoon Eric and the girls kept busy with MagnaTiles while I packed. I have some of Nora’s room in boxes, most of the things off the walls in the living room and dining area, and the curio cabinet is almost empty. I looked in a few of the kitchen cabinets but got overwhelmed and stopped there. I know we don’t have a deadline to move, but I hate disorganization, so I’d rather pack it up and move it all sooner rather than later so I can get reorganized in the new place. Plus, I’m just anxious to be there, to figure out all the new stuff, get on daycare waiting lists and such.

Later this afternoon Eric and I are meeting with a lawyer to discuss all the ‘adult’ stuff we’ve been putting off for a while, mainly what happens to Nora and Nadia should something happen to both Eric and me. Not a fun or exciting topic, but we want to make sure they are taken care of, so better to arrange all this now I guess. I have no idea what to expect at this meeting. We’re fairly certain the girls will go into the care of Eric’s brother and wife, mainly because they have children similar ages. Makes sense… I think. We have plenty of life insurance and educational funds set up for them, but I think we also need to set up trust funds yet, however that works. This morning, as I was listening to the news, hearing of the tragedy in Las Vegas, well, reminds me how important it is to plan ahead. Life is precious, you just never know what tomorrow will bring. My heart goes out to those victims and their families. I simply can’t imagine.


Eric asked me last night if I wanted to go visit his brother and family next week… next week being Eric’s week off from work. Um… first, I would LOVE to see his brother, my sister-in-law, and their daughter who live out of state. But I feel so overwhelmed with moving right now! Am I crazy, or do men just not get it???


The moving boxes I ordered arrived yesterday. At first I was super energized and excited. I figured I could start packing all the non-essential stuff. But with one box half-full I’m already overwhelmed. The stuff that fits into boxes will be easy. It’s all the stuff that doesn’t, that just sits around until you actually move it, like all the stuff on the walls…

This morning I took pictures of Nora’s bedroom, below are a few. I was kind of sad to think we will be leaving her first room. It’s not where she came to when we left the hospital, but it was her first real decorated for her room. I guess I wanted the pictures so I can look back later and remember before I start taking everything off her walls too. It occurred to me this morning that Nora might not do well with this move. Will she sleep well in her strange to her new room?

I’m hoping part of me feeling overwhelmed is the fact that my sitter is on vacation this week. Well, sort of. Her aunt died rather unexpectedly so she needed the time off for the funeral and such. I guess that’s the hard part about in-home care, they aren’t always open. If I were here alone without the girls I could get so much more accomplished. I haven’t even showered today. And while we really, really need groceries, the thought of ‘getting ready’ for that, and hauling the girls out, seems like too much work. Eric hasn’t gotten home until long after the girls are in bed the past several nights, so no guarantee I’ll want to run to the store once he’s home. Him coming home super late though has reminded me that us moving won’t really change much on that front. When he’s on-call he’s super busy, so maybe just easier to have him out of town. His phone rings all night, I won’t miss that waking me up hourly!

Nadia’s renal ultrasound was normal so we’re stopping her medicine and we’ll see how she does. If she developed another urinary tract infection they will probably want to do more testing and/or put her back on meds. I’m hoping she really does grow out of this like most children.

The past couple days Nadia has been pulling up to the couch a lot, but then stands there and cries as she isn’t sure how to gracefully get down. I don’t remember Nora crying, wondering what to do… Our last visit with the PT the recommendation was made to do some stretching with Nadia’s legs. The PT thought she felt some tightness in one leg, and thought maybe Nadia was dragging the same leg when ‘walking’ in the gate trainer I think it was called. I didn’t see any of this, as they insist on taking her back alone, so I’m not sure if she really isn’t using one leg as much, or if she just hasn’t figured out walking yet. She won’t technically be one for another month yet.

Shower and groceries, or relax and pack while the girls are napping? I rarely get them both down at the same time.  I’m tempted to pack. Tomorrow morning I have MOPs so I’ll get ready or that, perhaps groceries can wait until tomorrow afternoon. Oh, but what to make for dinner…