General Industry Data

  • After petroleum, coffee is the second most-traded commodity in the world.
  • Coffee beans are the seeds of the red and purple fruit on coffee trees.
  • 15 different varieties of coffee trees exist worldwide.
  • One acre of growth provides 15,000 pounds of coffee beans.
  • The US imports more than $4 billion of coffee each year.
  • Contrary to popular belief, coffee actually originated in Ethiopia.
  • Every day, more than half of the adult population drinks coffee, 108.9 million people. The United States accounts for 52 million of those coffee drinkers.
  • For adults who have visited a coffeehouse in the past week:
  •      Average weekly spending $5 or under: 41%
  •      Rarely or never purchase food: 49%
  •      Consume the beverage off-premises: 52%
  • The ideal ratio of coffee shops to residents in a particular area is 1:10,000.
  •      Linn County residents (US Census 2016 data) 221,661
  •      Ideal coffee shops = 22
  •      Current number = 36 (includes duplicate locations, excludes McDonald’s)

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