Nora’s 1st Birthday Party

Pictures from Nora’s 1st Birthday Party

Below are a few of my favorites, but if you’d like to see all the pictures I took at Nora’s party, feel free to click the link above ūüôā

birthday1 birthday2 birthday3 birthday4 birthday5 birthday6 birthday7

Don’t you love Eric’s dirty sock in all the pictures of him and her? ¬†Why don’t I notice those things before I take the picture?? ¬†Thankfully this coming Friday we’re doing a professional session with our regular photographer, a cake smash session. ¬†Should be fun, and hopefully we get a lot of cute pictures. ¬†I guess I’ll need to start another Nora wall at our house! ¬†(And I see a picture of Nora is still on our photographer’s home page!)

So yes, the party was this past Sunday. ¬†As fun and wonderful as it was, is it bad I’m sort of happy it’s over? ¬†I just felt so much stress over making it just right… ¬†And ugh, the clean up. ¬†I think next time it would be better to just take all our friends and family out to eat, leave the mess at the restaurant! ¬†We ended up inviting only family, Eric’s brother, wife, and daughter, Eric’s parents, Eric’s grandparents, my sister, husband and two children, and then my mom and step-dad. ¬†I invited my dad and grandmother, but they didn’t come. ¬†Maybe more on that in another post… ¬†(They complain I never make an effort, but then I finally invite them and they don’t come.) ¬†For food we served open-faced beef sandwiches with cauliflower mashed potatoes and green beans from Whiskey Road, a fruit and veggie tray, potato chips and dip (mostly for the kids but always seems to be a simple hit), broccoli salad, cherry jello salad, and cupcakes from Scratch. ¬†Everyone said they loved the food… ¬†And clearly I ordered too much, as we sent food home with whoever would take it!

Nora received a ton of gifts, mostly toys… more than I know what to do with. ¬†She is certainly one spoiled little girl. ¬†I had kind of hoped she’d take an interest in opening her gifts, but I think she is just a bit too young for that yet, being still more like a 9 month old. ¬†Same with the cupcake we gave her. ¬†She kind of acted like she wasn’t sure what we wanted her to do with it! ¬†Eric and I bought Nora a few gifts, a baby laptop, a water table, a doll,¬†large legos, a shape sorter, a sprinkler, a few books, and now I forget what else! ¬†Good thing Christmas is months off!

Do I start planning her second birthday now?  Just kidding!

March 16, 2016 ‚Äď 12 months (9 months Corrected)

I think I had a countdown to Nora’s 1st birthday on my site… but all the sudden the day has come and gone. ¬†How is that even possible??? ¬†Her official party is tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to post later in the week about that, with some pictures, of course!

12.2 12.3 12.4 12.5 12

Eric had this week off, including Wednesday, Nora’s actual birthday. ¬†I was kind of struggling for how to spend the day, feeling like it should be memorable, but also realizing Nora was never going to remember. ¬†So, we decided to travel down to Coralville/Iowa City, feeling it only made sense to spend the day where it all began. ¬†We got a bit of a late start to the day though, no help from the cleaning ladies, so we first had lunch in Cedar Falls at Famous Dave’s. ¬†There’s a story there, well, more of a disagreement, as Eric wanted to Famous Dave’s to cater for Nora’s party, and I didn’t. ¬†So as a compromise, we went there for lunch on her birthday, just the three of us. ¬†Nora tried a bit of my BBQ chicken sandwich and potato salad, but her meal mostly consisted of puffs, what else. ¬†After lunch we headed to Coral Ridge Mall, our first stop being Barnes and Noble for coffee.We eventually did wander back to Barnes and Noble and purchased a few books for Nora, but not before finding some cute outfits at Gymboree, and attempting to find me some cute clothes at Dillards. ¬†I ended up not buying a thing for myself but I did get quite a few 6-12 month outfits for Nora. ¬†She should be set for a few months. ¬†I hope!

It was a long day for Nora so after the mall we stopped at Gumby’s and picked up three large orders of Pokey Stix to take home. ¬†And yes, as soon as we arrived home, they were consumed as dinner. ¬†I found it only fitting to introduce Nora to them on her 1st birthday. ¬†And I have two in the freezer for late night cravings!

All in all, it was a really great day, just our little family of three hanging out. ¬†I thought the day might be emotional for me, but it wasn’t at all. ¬†I barely even thought of Nora’s tramatic birth or scary NICU days. ¬†Being back in Iowa CIty/Coralville brings back good memories for me… ¬†I miss it there so much.

February 29, 2016 ‚Äď 50 Weeks (39 Weeks Corrected)

FullSizeRender (74) FullSizeRender (75) FullSizeRender (76)

OMG, two weeks, and still no plan in place for a party. ¬†I actually blame Eric. ¬†Surprise surprise. ¬†He planned a trip out-of-town with his brother to a March Madness game, the weekend of Nora’s birthday. ¬†A guys only trip. ¬†It’s only two days, I think, but still. ¬†So still struggling with when to celebrate. ¬†And my birthday is a few days before Nora’s, and wouldn’t you know, Eric’s work is sponsoring a hockey game in town that evening. ¬†How nice of Eric to add, you’re invited. ¬†Not sure it’s an event for Nora though, so… ¬†We’ll see. ¬†Nora and I might be spending my birthday, and hers, alone ūüôĀ

February 8, 2016 ‚Äď 47 Weeks (36 Weeks Corrected)

47 1 47 2 47 3

Wow, almost 11 months actual and now 8 months corrected.¬† And I fear my days of an easy baby are slowly coming to an end.¬† Nora now fights me for diaper changes, clothing changes, naptime, bedtime, and sometimes even pushes her bottle away.¬† She arches her back and throws her arms in the air, squeals, the whole deal.¬† This may be normal, but I wouldn’t know, as all those parenting books I had such great intentions of reading are still in a pile next to my bed.

I’ve started thinking about her 1st birthday, March 16th, which will be here before I know it.¬† I honestly should have started planning sooner, but such is life.¬† I looked a little on pinterest, but got overwhelmed and had to shut my laptop.¬† I have no idea how to make her 1st birthday special enough for such a special little lady.¬† I assume all mommies feel this way!¬† Do we just invite family?¬† Or friends too?¬† If friends too, do we still have it at our home, or find a larger location to rent?¬† What about food?¬† And decorations?¬† And that reminds me, I need to email the photographer to schedule her professional photos!¬† What does she wear for those???¬† Oh gosh, so much to think about…¬† Maybe I’m making too big of a deal out of a lot of this…¬† Any advice, I’m all ears.

I still only see two teeth, her two bottom in the front.¬† But from her attitude lately, more must be coming!¬† Solids are hit or miss.¬† I feel like some days she is all ready with her mouth open, and other days she has little interest.¬† She will always eat those puff things though.¬† Those should be called baby crack.¬† So odd question…¬† Everyone told me that once Nora started solid food her diapers would no longer be liquid.¬† And they aren’t… but I didn’t expect to find a round turd the day after she had eaten some solids.¬† I guess I thought it would be still mushy but not liquid.¬† Is this normal for it to be so hard?

My motivation in general seems to be lacking lately.¬† The laundry is piling up, our master bedroom is a mess, our taxes aren’t complete, Nora’s birthday party isn’t planned, and my new sewing machine is still in the box, but yet, I just look at it all each night and instead plop down in front of the TV or computer.¬† What is wrong with me?¬† I’m blaming it on the weather, I’m sick of the cold.¬† I want to get out with Nora more when it’s warm, walks especially.¬† I feel like it’s so much colder here than where we used to live, and we get a ton more snow.¬† And the wind.¬† I can’t even describe it.¬† Like can’t walk, sometimes can’t drive it’s so strong.¬† We’ve had more blizzard warning this year!

Yes, I purchased a sewing machine.¬† Randomly.¬† Online.¬† Just picked one on Amazon that sounded good and had great reviews.¬† I had this idea, you know, to make the cute stuff I see on Etsy and then open my own Etsy store.¬† (Stop laughing!)¬† Keep in mind I don’t really know how to sew.¬† I mean, I sort of did when I was younger, as my grandmother and mother both sew, but I wouldn’t really know how to just sit down and make something.¬† I don’t even know how to set up the machine, which is why it’s still in the box!¬† Well, that and because Eric will freak when he sees it.¬† Which reminds me, my coffee shop idea is still in the works, more on that another time.¬† But I think I found a partner!

Nora is getting cranky so more another day…