Long time no write…

I’ve felt more busy than usual lately… thus haven’t made time to write.

First, last Tuesday Nadia was 50 weeks! I can’t believe her birthday is next week! Before her bath last night she weighed 18 lbs and 4 oz. Crazy! She’s gonna pass Nora soon! She’s wearing 9 and 12 month clothing, just started army crawling, claps, puts her arms up if you say ‘so big’, and says mama and dada. I should update on all her therapies, but I’ll have to do that another day.


I haven’t even started planning her birthday party yet, as I’ve been focusing on her and Nora’s baptism, which is this coming Sunday. After I finish writing this post I’m off to find a dress. Which might prove to be difficult since my city totally sucks for shopping.

Oh, and I’m determined to lose some weight and get in better shape. Notice the tracker at the top right of my home page! I woke up this morning and decided I was going to rejoin Kosama, as my current city has one. Well, had one. I checked their website for class times and see they closed on August 1st. Awesome. I hate this city! Eric and I did talk a bit more about moving back to Cedar Rapids, and we’re still in the considering stage. Eric is okay with it, or so he says. We just need to make the time to go look at houses I guess. Funny, since I just purchased more items to decorate Nadia’s room in our current home…

And before I go shop for a dress… a picture of me and Nora. I don’t often like pictures of myself, this one included, but I’m trying to take more of myself with the girls..


Nadia’s 9 month check-up

This morning was Nadia’s 9-month check-up with our regular pediatrician in town. No shots, thank you God! I did leave a bit discouraged though…

Last week we had Nadia’s neonatology high-risk check-up in Iowa City, basically a visit where they check milestones, fine and gross motor, social, physical, etc. It all looks like playing with her to me, but I know it’s a lot more than that! I left that appointment feeling great. There were a couple of areas where she wasn’t performing at 100%, but they evaluate based on an age range, that visit being 6-9 months. Her adjusted age as of today is 7 months 15 days, so they said she technically had several more weeks to meet all the milestones they were testing for before they would be concerned.

So today, our pediatrician was more concerned, specifically regarding:

  • Nadia makes no attempts to crawl, basically just lies on her belly and cries rather than attempting to push herself up on her hands or knees.
  • The only sounds Nadia makes are the traditional high-pitched squeals babies make. She does not make other babbling sounds, such as da, ba, etc.

Our pediatrician is referring us to physical and speech therapy. I don’t know the details yet, as those providers are supposed to contact me to set appointments. I don’t want to be that mom who’s in denial that there is a problem with their child. But I do think its a bit early to start therapy. But… what the heck do I know? Perhaps the sooner the better. Iowa City always tells me that preemies are known to be a bit delayed, even for their adjusted age. Isn’t it possible Nadia will catch up on her own, without therapy? Nora did everything early, so this is all new to me. And perhaps I’m just terrified to learn there really is an issue with Nadia’s brain… remember her brain bleed in the NICU, and the spot on her brain they found on the MRI that showed lack of oxygen at some point shortly before birth?

Last week Nadia did also see ophthalmology in Iowa City. Thankfully her optic nerves, retinas, and vision is perfect! We don’t need to return to them for 12 months!

Random Thoughts & Updates

  • Nora is getting faster and faster at crawling…  Time to actually close the baby gate at the top of our stairs I suppose!  And last night she sat from a crawling position!  So fun to watch her learn and change!  I still find myself behind on her weekly pictures, I haven’t taken this weeks yet…
  • I finally counted my frozen milk storage, and I’m pleasantly surprised that I have about 7,000 oz.  I’m so so so sick of pumping, so yesterday I started trying to stop.  I had been going up to 8 hours between sessions, so I’m going to try to be consistent and not pump more often than every 8-10 hours.  And currently I pump for around 15 mins each session, but I’m going to try to cut that down as well, this morning I pumped for 12.5 mins.  Hopefully I don’t end up with mastitis on something more awful from quitting too quickly.  Anyone have any advice on how to stop?
  • We are back to fortifying my milk for Nora as she’s gaining very, very slowly.  I weighed her a couple days ago and she was only up to 13 lbs 13.5 oz.  The high risk NICU followup team in Iowa City would like to see her gaining a bit faster, so hopefully fortifying helps.
  • Every now and again we try solid food with Nora, but so far she doesn’t seem much of a fan.  She happily opens her mouth to be spoon-fed or will feed herself whatever is on her tray, but as soon as it’s in her mouth her tongue pushes it out.  I guess you could say we are doing a combination of baby-led weaning and baby food.  And maybe she is just still too young, as she is just over 6 months adjusted now, but I’ve heard that preemies often have more issues with solids, so I’m a little worried.  For now I’m just going to keep trying solids with her every few days and ask her pediatrician about it at our next visit in a week or so.
  • Kona has been acting super jealous the past few weeks so I finally made an effort to get her more exercise and socialization.  I really miss Just Dogs Playcare in Coralville where Kona used to spend a few days a week, and I’ve been searching and searching for a place here…  And I found one, Happy Dogs Daycare.  First I must admit that the people are really amazing.  I was super impressed with both the owner and manager.  Their focus on safety really put me at ease.  The location though, and the facility, well, they leave a bit to be desired.  The building looks like it should be condemned.  And there is no parking lot other than a mud area behind the building where apparently the guests park.  Would it be rude to inquire about investing in a new facility for their business?  No seriously…
  • I went Christmas shopping yesterday and finally purchased a few gifts.  I have no idea what is wrong with me this year, but for the life of me I can’t seem to find suitable gifts for those on my list.  You’d think I have more time this year than any other year to search for the perfect gifts, but no, somehow the days are still flying by.  I think my problem is I’m finally realizing that Christmas is more than gifts, and thus I’d rather give something meaningful, but what that meaningful gift should be is difficult to find.  I wish my family would eliminate gifts for adults and just focus on being together and perhaps a few gifts for the kids.
  • Speaking of Christmas, I haven’t even purchased any gifts for Nora.  I think we’ve decided no visits to Santa this year, being the mall Santas are germ infested.  But what does one get their daughter for her first Christmas?  Again, I’d like something heartfelt, something I can look back on and remember that it was Nora’s first Christmas gift from her parents.
  • The tree is finally up, well, almost.  I purchased a larger artificial tree this year, along with ornaments that coordinate with the colors in our living room.  But apparently I had no idea just how large this tree is, as I ran out of decorations halfway through.  I’m still waiting for the rest to be delivered.  I’ll post a pic when it’s complete!
  • I’m still really enjoying getting to know the girls at my MOPs table better.  Last night we got together at one of the mom’s houses for a little Christmas gathering.  It was fun, we just sat around and chatted while sipping punch and enjoying Christmas goodies.  I took a Cranberry Orange Cheesecake that was very tasty!  And then this morning I met one of the moms for coffee who couldn’t make it last night.  Just nice to get out of the house and chat with others.  I cancelled our sitter this afternoon, as Eric was finished with cases at noon…  But he arrived home about one and immediately got a call to come back to see a patient.  Ugh.  It really never ends.
  • This afternoon I need to get my Christmas cards in the mail as FedEx just dropped them off, and then I was considering making Christmas cookies.  I might run out of energy soon though, day 4 of no caffeine, an experiment to see if Nora will nap better…

November 9, 2015 – 34 Weeks (23 Weeks Corrected)

I honestly can’t believe that at five and a half months corrected Miss Nora is sitting and crawling.  It’s so fun to watch her learn…  Most of yesterday she would try to crawl and then stop, try again, move a bit, try again.  Just fun to watch her progression.  Honestly, she was most motivated to crawl to my phone, figures…  It was probably the first time that I realized how lucky I am to stay home with her…  Otherwise the daycare would have witnessed it all.

Speaking of daycare, I got a call yesterday that we are up on one of the waiting lists, an opening for January 4th.  Problem is, that’s still too soon, as we were told to keep Nora out of daycare for a year, and I’m fairly certainly her joining in the winter, at the high time of sickness, would be very bad for her.  I guess I need to call them, as I don’t really want to give up the spot completely.  Does anyone have experience with this, can they push me back a bit on the wait list?  And I guess we need to consider if we want Nora in a center, or perhaps continue with our current in-home arrangement.  Right now I still have four different girls that each come to our home for a few hours a week.  If I did go back to work I assume I’d have to find someone with more availability…  Lots to consider.

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