It’s Friday… It’s cold here, like -25F or something with the windchill. Schools are closed, and probably will be most of next week, but thankfully my daycare is open. I’m at one of my usual coffee shops pondering life. Again. The good news though, Eric gets home this afternoon or early evening and has next week off! It’s been a really long two weeks without his help, especially with the girls’ ear infections, Nadia even puked one night. Nadia woke around 2am again last night, and I was up with her until 3:30am. She must just hate sleep. I don’t know how else to explain it all. Last night at dinner Nora was still complaining that her ear hurt, but was all smiles for the camera as she sucked down her antibiotic, of course. Hopefully the meds start working soon. I fueled her with Tylenol this morning.


I’ve obviously been doing more thinking about moving back to Cedar Falls. I think if I felt good about having a daycare/preschool there for the girls I’d be more adapt to see it as a realistic possibility. I emailed a few places there and am in the process of setting up tours. Some I’ve already seen, but it was YEARS ago so seeing them again should give me a better idea of what’s available. One place told me they are enrolling 3 year-olds now, so Nora, and they have five kids on a wait list for Nadia’s two’s room. How does one arrange for daycare when they don’t know when (or if??) they are moving?? Especially when I feel like daycare is so hard to come by there? Pay to hold the spot? Nora still talks about her ‘old school’. How do I pull her out of the current and start a third? Am I ruining my girls with too much change? Nadia has such a hard time adjusting! How much does an almost four year-old even remember long-term? I’m surprised Nora remembers as much as she does about the previous center, ya know, the one that kicked us out.

Maybe I was thinking about this move all wrong. Now that I’ve met a lot of great ladies here in MOMS Club… is it possible to keep them as support? It would mean I’d have to drive the hour to an event every time I wanted to see them though? But would that be better than Eric commuting for work some weeks and living away other weeks? I mean… I know the answer should be yes. But what happens if moving doesn’t change the amount of time Eric is actually home with me and the girls? And home for quality time, not home and working.

And just because I also have a cute picture of Nadia to share as well… She was almost looking at the camera!


Pre-Op Appointment

Pre-op was this morning. And Nadia has a double ear infection so another round of antibiotics. I’m not shocked as on Tuesday at the ENT there was a bit of fluid in one ear, and she was super cranky this morning, sticking her fingers in her ears and such. I guess I’m glad we’re getting the tubes so soon.

Only concern at pre-op was Nadia’s SVT, which although she is still being followed by cardiology, hasn’t been an issue since discharge from the NICU. She was on meds the first year of life, but thankfully we’re finished with those. So we’re on for Tuesday with the tubes, only concern would be if she has a fever with her ear infection before then… Let’s hope not.

I finally had time to workout today. I assume I won’t be able to get outta bed tomorrow. Good thing Eric comes home tomorrow… but oh yeah, our guests arrive as well…

ENT Appointment

The doctor was in our exam room for all of ten minutes. But.. being a doctor’s wife, I get it. He probably had 40+ other patients to see today. And technically I didn’t have any questions, in fact, Eric offered to do the surgery himself. Kidding, sort of…

The exam was quick, he looked in both of Nadia’s ears, confirmed one currently has fluid, but isn’t bulging, and the other looked okay. But… we did just finish antibiotics a week ago. Nadia’s pre-op is scheduled for Thursday, two days from now. Her regular pediatrician is on vacation, so we are seeing someone else at her office. I assume all will be well, even though Nadia technically is still being followed by cardiology at the University. Surgery to put in the tubes is next Tuesday, so a week from today. I’m not worried. I know the ‘surgery’ if you can even call it that, takes all of 90 seconds. There is no IV, no breathing tube, they just gas the kids for a minute and it’s over. Eric already has a 40+ patient clinic of his own scheduled that day, so he won’t be able to join me and Nadia. Which in itself doesn’t really bother me. I’m most nervous about getting both the girls up and getting Nora to daycare earlier than normal so we can be at the surgery center by 730am for our 830 time slot. You know how three year-olds are… they doddle around, take forever to get dressed, take even longer to eat breakfast, and lets not even talk about getting shoes on and in the car! Ugh…

In other news, I found out today that starting Monday Nora will have a new teacher, same classroom and students though, thank goodness! Her current lead teacher, who I love, took a position at another school. I’m sad, I was comfortable with her and Nora whines at drop-off as it is. Now she will probably actually cry all over again for a week or more 🙁

I also found out today that Nadia will be moving to the young two’s room on Monday, so two new teachers for her to get comfortable with. Ugh to that as well. Nadia is VERY attached to the lead teacher in her current room, so I assume crying at drop-off for a while for her as well. Nadia won’t technically be two adjusted until October 31st. I assume daycare doesn’t consider this, so she’ll be moving into a room with kids quite older than her. I’m not too worried though, as I actually think being the youngest has a way of speeding up learning, or so I’ve been told by the high-risk follow-up clinic at the University. Nadia will hear and see lots of things she might not with younger kids, so maybe she will pick up on new developmental activities sooner. Or so I hope!

I’m exhausted but both girls are finally in bed, and maybe actually sleeping. Good night!

True Crime

How it is I don’t work (outside the home), have access to full-time daycare (although I don’t take full advantage) and still can’t find the time to complete my to-do lists??? Apparently I have time-management issues.

Eric invited friends of his for the weekend, they have a daughter Nora’s age so she’ll enjoy playing. Problem is, they are staying with us, and since we moved last November we didn’t set up much of the lower level. The to-be guest room is currently a tornado path of toys, the guest bed and furniture in our storage room, unassembled. No really. The bathroom down there doesn’t even have a roll of toilet paper, much less a shower curtain or towels. We have no plans for what to prepare for meals this weekend… and get this, Eric left yesterday morning to work on-call and won’t be back until Friday evening, the same time the guests arrive. And of course he says, “Don’t stress, it will be fine.” Ha, yeah, it will be fine because I will stress all week and get the house ready, washing sheets and comforters, finding the pillows, decorating, well, making functional, the bathroom.

Later today Nadia has an appointment with a local Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) specialist. I actually think she has an active infection, as she was whining last night and sticking her fingers in her ears. I just want tubes. And soon. I want over this pain for her and constant antibiotics which give her diarrhea and diaper rashes.

Tomorrow Nadia has an appointment in Iowa City for another premature-related eye exam. You know, something about their eyes not fully developed by the time they are born, and thus you’re forced to take your child to COUNTLESS appointments where they stick these metal detractors inside their eyelids, you watch them scream, and so forth. I’m hoping this is one of the last exams related to prematurity, as she is over 18 months now.

Anyone into reading true-crime? Well, or listen to, as who the heck has time to read? Not me! I’ve got about 20 more minutes left on my audible book, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer by Michelle McNamara. I’ve never read a true-crime book before, but OMG, I was hooked from the first chapter. Fascinating and scary, but so interesting. I highly recommend!

Okay, off to Target to outfit a bathroom. Below are a few pictures I took of the girls last night! Nadia refuses to look at the camera…



Today did not go as planned.

Nora puked last night. All over everything. She’d had a chocolate shake before bed. Ugh. It took me until 9:30pm last night to clean it all up. And I still think the carpet is a bit soiled. The rug went directly into the trash. Which was sad for me as it was handmade and kind of pricey. But such is life. Did I mention Eric left for Ft. Dodge last night right before this happened. Yeah, fun dealing with sick kids alone 🙁 I finally got Nora back into a clean bed and sleeping around 10pm.

Meanwhile Nadia was up every 60 minutes last night. I’m not lying. She was crying and pulling on her ears. We just finished medication for an ear infection on Friday. I’m not surprised its back though, as Nadia spit most of the awful-tasting medication out at me.

So both the girls were home with me today, thus they went to my medication check this morning. I switched to Lexapro, we’ll see how I feel in a few weeks. Then we had both their ears checked, as Nora was also complaining. Her’s were fine but Nadia’s double ear infection is worse than it was last Monday when we last saw the doctor. More meds. I did ask about tubes, but apparently we need to have 6-7 infections before they refer to ENT. And retreating the same infection counts as one, like from last Monday and today. Eric is already wanting to call one of his ENT friends though and ask some questions… We’ll see. I hate seeing Nadia in pain. And the sleepless nights suck for all of us when I’m here with them alone.

Tomorrow Nora will go back to school and start in her new room. Wish us luck! And I assume I’ll have to keep Nadia home, as she has a fever even though the ear infection itself isn’t contagious. I’m sad because our last MOPs meeting for the year is tomorrow, so I’ll have to miss that as I can’t take a sick Nadia.

Nora did have a few moments this afternoon of playing with sand since it’s 80 degrees here today!


Hopefully we all sleep better tonight. Eric is on his way home from Ft. Dodge now, and I probably should be getting the girls ready for bed, but I’d almost rather wait until he’s home later for his help. I’m exhausted!