Monday Funday

So, it’s Monday. Back to… I was almost going to say the work week, but I guess not for me. I dropped the girls off at school this morning and headed directly to Hy-Vee for groceries. I hate buying groceries, as I really just fill my cart with junk I know the girls will eat, which is usually not very healthy. Nora is still stuck on the Special K Breakfast Crisps, so I got four boxes of those. Both the girls all the sudden decided they like bacon, and Nadia will eat bagels for pretty much any meal. Every now and again Nora will ask for a banana, and she will usually eat apples too, but Nadia isn’t as fond of fruit. I keep trying strawberries, but they both look at me like I’ve given them dog poop. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m hurting their development of tastes by offering them some of the same things over and over. I’m sick of so much waste though, and I feel like I can predict by now what they will eat vs. throw on the floor pretty well. But then I’m failing to give them new choices. Oh, the joys of parenting.

Eric is in Ft. Dodge today, he left last night, and I doubt he’ll be home for dinner, so it will be another night of me not wanting to make a big meal when the girls won’t eat it anyway. I bought a ham steak… maybe I’ll see what they think of that, with noodles of course! Plain noodles!

Wednesday I’m going to try out the Kosama here. I’m partly excited to get back into exercising. But also terrified of not being able to move for at least the first week! Wish me luck! The only class time I’m free for is the 12:15pm, which really breaks up my day… We’ll see I guess.

I did laundry most of yesterday so that’s done for a few days! I’m been trying to redo some of our landscaping, ripping out the cheap stuff the builder put in and replacing with items more interesting. I can only do so much alone though. I have at least one more Knockout Rose bush that didn’t come back after the winter to rip out. I never have much luck with those, but I’m not sure what to replace it with that is around the same size and such… Maybe I’ll run somewhere this afternoon and look. I also want to add more to the side and back of our house, but that would involve ripping up the grass, getting stone and such, as right now it’s just sod. I wish I knew someone who really loved to do this kind of stuff that could help me! The things I tend to really like when I look at scrubs and such are items which get like 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide! Those might work in the back of the house, but certainly not in the front. Any suggestions what I should get? Day lilies are what I’m ripping out…

Long time no write…

I’ve felt more busy than usual lately… thus haven’t made time to write.

First, last Tuesday Nadia was 50 weeks! I can’t believe her birthday is next week! Before her bath last night she weighed 18 lbs and 4 oz. Crazy! She’s gonna pass Nora soon! She’s wearing 9 and 12 month clothing, just started army crawling, claps, puts her arms up if you say ‘so big’, and says mama and dada. I should update on all her therapies, but I’ll have to do that another day.


I haven’t even started planning her birthday party yet, as I’ve been focusing on her and Nora’s baptism, which is this coming Sunday. After I finish writing this post I’m off to find a dress. Which might prove to be difficult since my city totally sucks for shopping.

Oh, and I’m determined to lose some weight and get in better shape. Notice the tracker at the top right of my home page! I woke up this morning and decided I was going to rejoin Kosama, as my current city has one. Well, had one. I checked their website for class times and see they closed on August 1st. Awesome. I hate this city! Eric and I did talk a bit more about moving back to Cedar Rapids, and we’re still in the considering stage. Eric is okay with it, or so he says. We just need to make the time to go look at houses I guess. Funny, since I just purchased more items to decorate Nadia’s room in our current home…

And before I go shop for a dress… a picture of me and Nora. I don’t often like pictures of myself, this one included, but I’m trying to take more of myself with the girls..


Weekly Pregnancy Update – 13 Weeks

How far along: 13w0d – 2nd Trimester!!!!

Baby’s size: 3.42 inches, 1.52 oz., about the size of a peach.

Total weight gain: Up only 0.8 lbs. from egg retrieval as I lost another 0.9 lbs. in the last week.

Maternity clothes: A mixture of maternity and regular pants, but still in all my regular shirts and sweaters.  I can tell I’m losing weight though, as the maternity pants feel roomier now than a few weeks ago.

Stretch marks: I’m not seeing any.  And I’ve heard lots of talk about fancy creams and oils, but my dermatologist told me not to waste my money on anything expensive, as either you’re going to get stretch marks, or you aren’t.  He said just regular old lotion should be fine.

Sleep: Some nights okay, other nights horrible.  Even the okay nights involve lots of tossing and turning though.

Symptoms/Feeling: Apparently my ‘morning’ sickness is not gone, as I skipped my unisom and B6 yesterday and felt AWFUL!  I’ve also noticed an extremely stuffy nose the past week, just as my pregnancy book suggested.  It’s like it knows me or something!  Oh, and diarrhea the past two days.  No clue what the deal with that is, but it has helped the weight loss along…

Best moment of this week: The anticipation of finding out the gender.  Still no call from the doctor, but I’m hoping today!

Miss anything: My shapely body.  I actually liked my toned legs and arms after Kosama for almost a year.  I just look squishy everywhere now.

Movement: Not yet, but looking forward to it!

Food cravings: I was on an apples kick for a while there, but I’ve moved onto oranges.  Like at least two a day.  Wait, do oranges cause diarrhea?  Also, I’ve been craving a Hardee’s hot ham and cheese for the past week.  One of these days I’m going to indulge.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Apparently not taking the unisom and B6, in which case everything!  I feel much better today, not perfect, but much better.

Have you started to show yet: Since I’m up less than a pound I guess I have to say no.  Things in my tummy must have rearranged though, as I swear I do have a small bump!

Gender: I’ve been checking my phone every few minutes for the call from the doctor…

Labor signs: Good God no!

Belly button in or out: In.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Does stressed qualify as moody?  I have so many Christmas presents to buy yet, and the weekends are becoming fewer and fewer.  And no ideas for anyone…  And this week involves time with Eric’s parents…

Looking forward to: The call from the doctor with the gender!

Purchases for baby:  The 4moms mamaroo is supposed to arrive Wednesday.  I’m excited to set it up and try it out!  Otherwise, I used up some FSA dollars in my account on anything I thought I might need, some breast milk storage containers, breast pads, etc.  Not a lot is approved for FSA spending, so I bought what I could find.

Eric’s reactions:  Eric’s new favorite thing is giving me shit about everything I eat, pointing out what is good and bad for baby.  I know he’s just teasing, and it is cute he is thinking of baby, so it doesn’t really bother me.


It’s only 7:05pm and I fear I need my bed.  I did not feel the best today, but perhaps for a variety of reasons.

For starters, the past two days I enjoyed my old usual, iced pumpkin spice latte, with caffeine.  I figured adding some back in for the time being couldn’t be too horrible for me.  Okay, well, I don’t know if that was the cause, but the past two nights I barely slept a wink.  Seriously tossed and turned the entire nights, and thus, I’m exhausted.  So today I skipped on the caffeine, we shall see.

Then, on top of almost no sleep in 48 hours, this morning was my first day back to Kosama, as I’d taken a hiatus once I discovered I was pregnant.  So up at 4:30am this morning to make it there for the 5am class.  And lucky me, today was killer cardio.  Okay, they don’t actually call it that, but I do!  I burned 605 calories in the 50 minute workout, but golly, I’m paying for it now.  I can hardly walk.

And  all afternoon at work I had horrible cramps.  Seriously, isn’t this fiasco over yet?  Tomorrow marks a week since the official start of my miscarriage, and aside from the initial pain and cramping, I’ve felt remarkably fine.  But no, today was different.

As soon as I finish my DQ Snickers Blizzard and nacho cheese Doritos I’ll be finding my bed and getting comfy.  Oh, how did I used to get up at 4:30am every day?  And how will I ever get back into that routine??

Stim Day 2

I’ve been slacking lately on my workouts, and the guilt is really starting to eat at me.  The rapid weight gain isn’t helping matters.  Apparently these hormones I’m injecting double as pure lard, straight into my tummy.  No, seriously!

I’m not sure if extreme exhaustion is a side effect, but I’ve certainly felt drowsier the past few days…  Thus getting up at 4:30am for Kosama feels impossible.  I went tonight at 5:30pm instead.  And honestly, it felt great to sweat and burn 554 calories, as my personalized email told me!  Problem though, I came home starving, and probably consumed more than I would have had I not worked out.  Yeah, that backfired!  The whole showering twice a day thing is a bit overrated, and obviously I didn’t cook dinner at 8pm when I was finally out of the shower, so that wasn’t preferred either.  Maybe exercising after work will just be for the next few days until my activity is limited.  As much as I hate 4:30am, it makes the rest of the day smoother and more productive.

Shots went fine again tonight, although one side of my belly is pretty bruised already.  The tenderness has subsided though.  Overall, aside from being tired, I felt good today.  Headache is gone, thank goodness!  In the last hour though, I’ve noticed quite a bit of cramping, but I can’t imagine it’s from the Follistim already…  Perhaps just from my workout, I’ll see how I feel in the morning.

I still feel like my diet is lacking nutrition, heavy in carbs and sugar.  Every day I say I’m going to do better, but it’s difficult.  The hospital doesn’t exactly provide many healthy options and I’m not organized enough to take my breakfast and lunch from home.  I still tend to rely on my morning lattes, otherwise a caffeine headache hits by noon.  And you know how once you have one of those, your only option is sleeping it off!  How many days would I have to live with the terrible headache before my body would break the addiction?

I’m trying to take this one day at a time, but I’m super excited for my blood test Wednesday morning, anxious to see how I’m progressing!

Speaking of extreme frustration, I think it’s bedtime for me!  Good night!


I successfully finished off the last three dark chocolate sea salt caramels.  Wow, so yummy, and thankfully Eric is not a fan, so I enjoyed the entire family size container myself.  And no, I don’t feel one bit bad.  Oh, I should point out, I ate said family size container over the course of a month.  Freezers are amazing inventions.

So I think it’s CY21 perhaps.  Yes, this cycle is just creeping along.  I really do appreciate the helpful advice Dr. Munch offered me, ya know, when she said to feel free to try on our own this month.  Considering the two failed IUI cycles, where they literally placed like 22 million sperm right stinking next to the eggs.  Cause if that didn’t work, then on our own surely will this month!  Watch, it will, and I’ll have to eat my damn words!

In other exciting news, I was due for my annual TB test today, a requirement to work at the University.  (Can you believe I’ve been there almost a year already???)  Employee health is always a joy…  I’m actually always in awe that the employees require enough care to warrant an entire department, and one that is constantly busy too!

I’ve decided I’m no longer scared of needles, since I’ve now stabbed them into several areas of my body quite a few times and have had blood taken more times than I can count, in the last three months.  Can I just say though, that TB test was so painful, it was like 20 blood draws all rolled into one!  I swear she injected whatever it is they inject, into my vein, as it bleed forever!  And how convenient, they no longer provide bandaids, as it could alter the results.  Yes, please do send me back to my office with a bloody arm and a tiny cotton ball.  Cause dabbing at it will surely stop the bleeding.  Fun times.

Eric was actually home from work today before 6:30pm.  I honestly can’t remember the last time that happened.  They didn’t have conference tonight for whatever reason, and I’m not complaining.  We had dinner together, all classy.  Yes, pizza rolls, in front of the TV.  Perhaps someday we will grow up and eat grown up, mature food at a grown up table (we do have one, but it’s just for looks) but not today.  Someday…

Off to bed…  4:30am comes soon, but the best news of the day…  As I was leaving Kosama this morning at 6am the sun was just starting to peak through the clouds!!!