Weekly Pregnancy Update – 26 Weeks

How far along: 26w0d – The start of the 3rd trimester and my 7th month!!!

Baby’s size: 14.41 in., 1.93 lbs., about the size of a papaya.

Total weight gain: Um problem, up 3.1 lbs. this week, so up 15.6 lbs. from egg retrieval.  This can’t happen every week!

26 weeksStretch marks: Nothing new since the start of this pregnancy!

Sleep: I started back on the Unisom a few days ago, just half a tablet at night, and not every night.  Seems to stop my tossing my turning although I tend to feel groggy in the morning.

Symptoms/Feeling: I’m still really stuffy, and for the past two days I’ve felt super sick in the car, motion sickness I guess.  This morning I still feel a little sick though.  Please tell me morning sickness doesn’t return in the 3rd trimester!  Has anyone else noticed this?

Best moment of this week: I spent Saturday shopping out-of-town with my mom.  We had a wonderful day browsing lots of adorable items for baby girl!  I’m so excited to see my mom with her granddaughter!

Miss anything: Easily getting out of bed, leaning over, breathing, my waist, clear skin, the list goes on and on.  I wouldn’t change any of it though!  So far pregnancy is both the strangest and most wonderful experience of my life!

Movement: Oh yes, she definitely has sleep and wake cycles!  I have to assume her feet are still down most of the time, as I feel like she is kicking my cervix often!

Food cravings: Still eating two oranges every night!

Gender: Girl

Labor signs: The next ultrasound to recheck my cervix is this Thursday, February 26th.  Very anxious to see the measurement.  I have a strange feeling these checks will stop soon, as aren’t we getting to the point where if she is born early so be it?

Belly button in or out: Still in but I fear it won’t stay that way, which terrifies me!

Wedding rings on or off: On!

Happy or moody most of the time: I have moments of both.  Definitely feeling more anxious about her arriving, wondering if I have what we really need, if I’m prepared, what I should pack for the hospital, etc.  And then of course the rest of my life, three more months at this job, preparing to move, and everything that goes with learning a new city.  So much change all at once.  I really hope I can handle it all while staying sane…

Looking forward to: This afternoon Eric and I are finally meeting with the builder to sign paperwork and hand over cash.  The building of our ‘for now’ house will begin next week!  (Is it weird I’m calling it our ‘for now’ house?)

Purchases for baby:  On Saturday with my mom I purchased this diaper bag, which I love, how bright it is, it’s so me.  I fear the fabric isn’t very functional though…  How soon before something stains it?? 

Eric’s reactions:  Eric was on this site last night searching for funny onesies.  I would never think to order such items, but it was cute to see him so excited to dress our little girl.

Weekly Pregnancy Update – 11 Weeks

How far along: 11w0d

Baby’s size: 2.13 inches, 0.49 oz., about the size of a plum.

Total weight gain: Up 1.1 lbs. from egg retrieval, which is actually down 1.3 lbs. from last week.  Thank you morning sickness!

Maternity clothes: Some of the time.  Since I lost over a pound this week some of my regular clothes seem to fit again.

Stretch marks: I pray never, and so far I’m still good!

Sleep: Awful, although maybe part of it is my fault.  I’ve felt very tired during the day lately, and while I’ve been avoiding caffeine since we started the stim meds for this cycle, I decided one Peppermint Mocha wasn’t going to hurt.  Well, silly me had it at 4pm Saturday, so you can guess how well I slept Saturday night.  Pretty much not at all, tossed and turned the entire night.  So then of course I was an awful mess of exhausted most of yesterday (Sunday).  I was in bed by 8:30pm last night, but again, tossed and turned.  I seem to get the best sleep when it’s time to get up for work!

Symptoms/Feeling: I definitely felt much more sick the past week, and while I’m still taking the Unisom and B6, I don’t think they are doing much good.  Perhaps my sickness is just too much for them to handle right now.  My handy pregnancy app tells me this week and next are the worst,and then hopefully I’ll be much better.  I’m praying!

Best moment of this week: Um, only puking once so far?  That counts, right?

Miss anything: I miss feeling normal, this almost constant sickness is really wearing on me.  And I miss really good sleep, you know, the kind where you wake up in the morning and wonder where the hours went?  I haven’t had that in months.

Movement: Still too early, but maybe in a few more weeks!

Food cravings: The past week, and especially the past couple days nothing has sounded good, hence the weight loss.  I made myself eat a cranberry orange muffin for breakfast, forced it down.  Probably not the healthiest, but got some calories in me.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Everything lately…

Have you started to show yet: No, still a little bloated, but even that seems to be subsiding a little.

Gender: Blood test this Thursday and then should have the results within a week or so!

Labor signs: Good God no!

Belly button in or out: In.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy or moody most of the time: I’m gonna say moody lately, mostly because this constant sickness is just putting me in a bad mood.  I so wanted to call in sick to work today, but no, the show must go on!

Looking forward to: Along with our blood test Thursday we’ll also have an ultrasound and get to see baby!  Very excited!!!

Purchases for baby:  I may have ordered three onesies from Gymboree.  In my defense, there were on sale.

Eric’s reactions:  Eric has seemed a little stressed lately, but I suppose for good reason.  All the residents have a big test next Saturday, so every free minute at home he’s been studying.  Hopefully after the test he’s a bit more relaxed.

Weekly Pregnancy Update – 8 Weeks

How far along: 8w0d

Baby’s size: 0.9 inches, about the size of a grape

Total weight gain: Up 1.5 lbs., which is actually down .7 lbs. from last week!  Must be the morning sickness…

Maternity clothes: Yes 🙁  I gave in and purchased two pairs of jeans and a few pairs of dressy pants for work.  As much as I hate already being in maternity clothing, I have to admit, I’m MUCH more comfortable!

Stretch marks: I pray never, and so far I’m good!

Sleep: Some nights okay, other nights not so much.  Last night I got up twice to pee…  Getting to sleep is the hardest part, as I feel most sick when I lay down

Symptoms/Feeling: Still struggling with morning sickness, which is really all day sickness.  I still think the Unisom and B6 are helping, but perhaps not entirely now, as I’ve been experiencing more and more moments of sickness.  I’m managing by eating every two hours or so, although this is much easier on the weekends.  I’m praying I’m lucky and this all goes away at 12 weeks.

Best moment of this week: Tonight is my last progesterone injection, I can’t wait!  Although I’m terrified to stop.  My doctor assured me the placenta is now making enough, but what if mine isn’t??

Miss anything: I miss feeling normal.  As thankful as I am for being pregnant, I do wish I felt better.

Movement: Still way too early!

Food cravings: Meals have centered around bananas, apples, peanut butter, bagels and cream cheese, saltines, and hard-boiled eggs.  I know, strange right!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Eric really wanted hamburgers for dinner last night, but nope, couldn’t do it.  The thought of them was enough to turn me off.

Have you started to show yet: No, just still really bloated  But maybe some of that will sub-side this week once my progesterone supplements end.

Gender: Too early! But I think we can find out around 12 weeks with some other testing we’ll have done.

Labor signs: HAHA, let’s hope not yet!

Belly button in or out: In.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Moments of both.  I was happy when shopping yesterday for maternity clothing, but now back at work and ultra moody.

Looking forward to: My last progesterone injection tonight!

Purchases for baby:  So far just one Medela Calma bottle.  I received a coupon for one, so decided to order.  They are a little pricy, but apparently really good if you want to breastfeed but also bottle-feed sometimes.


I haven’t written in a while, and due to the first item below, this post will be a bulleted list of what’s new in my world. No energy to make this post creative, sorry…

Morning Sickness:  I officially suck as a pregnant person.  Beginning last Monday, so almost a full week now, I’ve felt sick pretty much non-stop.  I’ve yet to actually throw up, but the almost constant nausea is really wearing on me.  And yes, I realize it’s only been a week.  The only times I’ve felt some relief is when I’ve been up and around, moving, walking, etc.  I feel sick as soon as I sit or lay down.  I’ve tried peppermint candies, ginger, acupressure wristbands, B6, crackers, nothing seems to help.  Sitting all day at work is hard, as is bedtime, since lying down is awful.  I’ve been trying to keep busy, stay upright, even cleaned today so I wouldn’t have to sit much, but then I just find myself exhausted.  I keep telling myself I’m lucky since I’m not actually throwing up, but a break from time to time in this nausea would be nice.  I’m trying to eat small amount every few hours so my stomach doesn’t get empty, but most things don’t sound at all interesting to me.  Any suggestions, I’m all ears.  I hear there is a new medication specifically for morning sickness, but I assume it’s only prescribed for those who can’t keep down food and drink, and so far, I have found some items I can tolerate.

7 Week Ultrasound:  It is tomorrow morning (Monday, October 13th) at 8am.  I’m both terrified and excited.  If you remember back to this post, where we learned there was no heartbeat at our 7 week ultrasound with our last pregnancy.  Needless to say, I’m very scared of a repeat.  I definitely feel different this pregnancy, lots of symptoms I wasn’t experiencing last time.  But I realize symptoms are no guarantee of a healthy baby.  Please pray for us, for a strong heartbeat tomorrow.

I’m slightly apprehensive about our appointment tomorrow for another reason…  Remember N, the awful male coworker of mine?  Remember the comments he made about racing to see who could get pregnant first?  Clearly he is beyond immature, in my opinion and has no concept for those struggling with infertility.  Anyway, their 12 week ultrasound is tomorrow morning, at 8am as well.  Please God, don’t let me see them in the waiting room, although it’s inevitable, right?  They tried all of two months and are sailing along in bliss.  Something I don’t want to see.  I just simply can’t relate to their experience and I certainly don’t want to be reminded of it tomorrow morning when I’ll be feeling super vulnerable.

Building:  Last weekend Eric and I were back in Cedar Falls to meet with two builders in an effort to narrow down our choice to one, and to decide on a lot.  I think we’ve come to a compromise on a lot, although it hasn’t been purchased yet.  It’s not all that large, although plenty big for the house we have in mind to build.  It’s pricey for its size though, probably because it is set along a pond with a fairly good view of such.  Oh, and there are few lots in Cedar Falls, so I assume most, if not all lots, are more expensive now than in the past.  As far as a builder, we still haven’t decided.  We are stuck between two that have both built a number of gorgeous custom homes in the area.  I think the hold-up at this point is getting an estimate from the second builder on a floor plan we have in mind.  And when I say in mind, we haven’t actually picked one.  Both builders know the general style we are drawn to, and I found a plan online which has many, many elements we love.  I posted pictures of this proposed floor plan under a new page named Dream Home from my main menu or you can view the pictures by clicking here.  I don’t expect us to build this exact home, but I’d really like to maybe start with this plan and make alterations as necessary.  I assume the majority of our coming weekends will be spent in Cedar Falls as both builders would like to start digging November 1st, which is quickly approaching.

Part-time:  I did have a chat with my boss in regards to me working part-time instead of full-time.  If you remember, I drafted an email to my boss…  I never ended up sending it.  She actually called me into her office the day after I posted that draft and we got on the topic of my workload.  I decided then was as good a time as any to share my concerns.  To my surprise, my boss was actually all for me going part-time.  Probably because I pointed out I can still complete all my work, in half the time, for half the pay.  Yeah, I’m that good.  Anyway, she cleared my part-time status with her boss so far, who was also all for it.  My boss’s boss is now supposedly talking to higher-ups and HR.  I kind of expected to hear something last week, but not a word yet.  Maybe this week!  I’d love to start part-time sooner rather than later, especially since my days feel so long now since I’ve felt so sick.

I definitely feel like I’m forgetting some update…  But for now, I just ask for more prayers for our ultrasound tomorrow.  I’ll update as soon as I have results.