I received the proofs from Nora’s photo shoot last week. OMG, I seriously love them all. Here is one I have access to as the photographer always puts one sneak-peek on Facebook. I’ll post the ones I’m purchasing as soon as I have them!


School Pictures

I can’t remember, did I ever post their school pictures? I have class pictures too, but I’m not sure how others feel about me posting pictures of their children on the internet, so I’ll skip those for now I guess 🙂


Photo Session

OMG, I’m so excited to see Nora’s 3 year photos! I think the session went really well! I ended up going with the light blue dress, the flowered dress with the white background, and the peach dress with flowers. Thursday evening I realized the flowered dress with the white background was too large though… which sort of dictated our Friday plans before the shoot. I had gotten the dress at the Gap outlet about 45 minutes from our home… So after we dropped off Nadia at school it was back there to obtain a smaller size. Thank God they had it! After the exchange we walked by the Toys R Us outlet, which was going out of business. Was I the only one not in the know on this one??? We purchased a few items, some coloring books and sidewalk chalk. Then it was to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal to recharge our energy!

During the photo shoot I tried to stay hidden, as I realized quickly Nora was far more obedient with the photographer if I wasn’t around. Why are children better behaved with others?? We had an hour and the three outfit changes, so it was over before I knew it! I’ll post some proofs as soon as I see them!


I fear there is something wrong with me… All these years I’ve longed for little girls, to dress them up, and here, Easter is soon, the perfect excuse to purchase frilly dresses. And I have no desire to do so. Well, I actually did buy them matching dresses, but I’m seriously considering taking them back for these reasons.

  • This is the dress I purchased for both of them… Yeah, $52 each. Isn’t that a lot for an Easter dress? That they will wear once… I assume. That Nora will get dirty while eating. That Nadia will probably spit up on. Yes, I could have purchased less expensive dresses, but if I’m going to the hassle of getting them dresses, I’m getting them cute dresses!
  • We are traveling for Easter. Yes, it’s only about an hour in the car each way, but these dresses have tulle underneath. How does one strap a child into a car seat wearing tulle?
  • If I dress up the girls, do I need to dress up? And Eric too? Ugh, more shopping to do. More spending money on clothing we won’t wear a lot, since I live in PJs and comfy clothing.
  • Dresses for little girls means tights and dressy shoes too. Ugh.
  • I feel guilty about this, but I doubt we are even going to church on Easter… We actually rarely go to church, as Eric is usually working Sunday mornings and I’m not about to take two kids to church alone. He isn’t working Sunday morning, but I know Easter, of all days, means a ton of extra people in church, and dealing with all that with kids, well, the idea doesn’t thrill me. So basically, the only people to see these dresses will be my family.
  • Sure, we could take a ton of pictures. I actually really like taking pictures. I posted a few below I took of the girls yesterday. I just wish I knew more about photography so I could take better pictures. I like what I take, but I realize they don’t compare to professional.

So do I suck it up and put them in dresses because I feel like it’s expected of me? It’s what you do with little girls on Easter, right? Will I regret not getting cute Easter pictures if I don’t dress them up? And oh gosh, I guess I need to do Easter baskets too. Ugh, see? Why am I behind on everything? Everything is the last minute. And most things I do are because I feel like I should….


Happy Friday!

It’s Friday ladies. (And gentlemen? Do any men read this?) Eric is on-call again this weekend as his partner is (still) in China. It sucks that Eric’s partners are essentially single. I feel like Eric picks up a lot of extra work because we have kids and they know we are usually in town with no big plans. Pisses me off. Actually, Eric has the week of April 15th off, and I guess maybe we are boring, as I can’t think of what we should do. I’m still afraid to fly with the kids, and driving locations from Iowa are somewhat limited. I was thinking Chicago, or Omaha. There must be things to do in both locations for kids. What, I don’t know. But do I want to sit in the car for hours and hours with the girls? Waste half our days while they nap? Struggle to get them to sleep in a strange, different place? Try to find kid-friendly restaurants? Please tell me this gets easier as they get older!!! The thought of traveling with kids overwhelms me.

Last night I decided to get out one of the knitting looms I recently purchased. I watched one YouTube video and also had the instruction guide that came with the loom, it sounded and looked so easy. No. Hell no. Not easy. Disaster. This happened. Maybe knitting isn’t for me.

FullSizeRender 3

Thank you to everyone who commented on the photos I recently had taken of my girls. I got a mix of responses, as I expected. Many of you loved the pictures, and I love some of them too, but others saw what I saw, how plain the pictures are compared to my previous photographer’s work. So I emailed my old photographer and asked how soon she has openings, as she recently had a baby. In the meantime, I guess I need to learn how to use Lightroom and Photoshop. I have the software, and I see there are tons of tutorials, but I have no idea where to even start. I’ve tried playing around in Photoshop on my own, but it doesn’t seem very user-friendly for the unexperienced. Any recommendations?

One Lovely Blog Award

I’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by several truly wonderful ladies, including:

I seriously hope I haven’t forgotten any of my nominators.  If you aren’t already following each and every one of these amazing ladies, I higher recommend you do!  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Now, those of you who haven’t nominated me yet, DON’T.  Seriously stop!  I’m thrilled and over the moon with appreciation, but really, I can hardly think of seven interesting facts about myself, much less any more!

The criteria for accepting a One Lovely Blog Award:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. List the rules.
  3. List seven (7) facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know you did.
  5. Display the award logo and follow your nominator.

Seven Facts about Me:

  1. I can’t even remember the last time I actually read a book. Now relax, I can read, no worries, but I find myself such a busy-body that I feel the need to always multi-task.  So, I discovered Audible several years ago and now listen to books while I get pretty in the morning, drive to and from work, clean, make dinner, exercise, etc.  I can’t even tell you how many amazing books I’ve listened to just this year!
  2. I love gadgets, GPS watches, Bluetooth speakers, home security systems, heart rate monitors, anything with an app that will sync with my phone… The list goes on and on.  I’m tempted to buy the new iPhone 6 just because it probably has some fun new feature, but my 5S is perfectly fine.  And don’t even get me started on all the cool stuff for babies, like the monitors with video screens!
  3. I have awful handwriting. No seriously…  I often order birthday and anniversary cards online so my personal message gets printed.  They actually have some cool software out that offer fonts that truly appear hand-written.
  4. My personality has changed drastically since my college years. Even in my early 20s my favorite Friday or Saturday evening pastime was dinner out and then to the bars.  Now I’d much rather pack up my laptop and head to a cutesy coffee shop, preferably one which also serves wine.  Eric and I haven’t lately, but he and I used to study at coffee shops or libraries together on the weekends.  Those are some of my fondest memories of us together.
  5. I’m terrified of gaining too much weight during pregnancy. I’ve never been tiny, but I figure I’m doing pretty well if I can still fit into size 4 pants from Express.  Well, this morning, one of those said pairs of pants felt mighty tight across my hips and around my waist.  Only 4w3d pregnant cannot be a contributor, but I assume the fertility meds I’ve been on since January are partly to blame, as are the cookies I enjoy on several afternoon breaks each week.  Which leads me to number six.
  6. I could live on carbs. I love bread, pasta, cookies, scones, I love it all.  The more gluten, the better!  Eric always jokes that we like our gluten with a side of gluten.  I could easily do without meat, although Eric loves his rare steaks so some meat is included in most our meals.  Although I’m not gonna lie, lately pokey stix have been dinner.
  7. Somehow I’ve gotten to 34 years of age with very few true hobbies. Growing up I spent a lot of time with my mom and sister.  Once I moved away to college that time lessened though.  I was never really all that interested in sports, not really the athletic type.  I was never a writer until I started this blog in January, and I’ll be the first to admit I write whatever would come out of my mouth, which is not always necessarily grammatically correct!  I’ve gone through periods of interest in photography, but never actually made the effort to take a class or really learn how to use the fancy cameras I keep buying.  (Another gadget!)

As flattered as I am for the nomination, I’m going to forgo nominating any fellow bloggers.  Each and every lady, and gentleman, I’ve met through this blog is truly wonderful, unique with their own stories to tell.  I challenge you to pick a few listed on my homepage and explore their lives!

Calling all Photographers

Sometimes I sit here and have crazy ideas…  I think of the things I really enjoy and try to imagine a job doing such.  I mean really, if you do what you love all day, do you ever really work?  And I know, in my last post I promised myself I’d make a list detailing what I don’t love about my work, but how about starting with what I would love about working?  In no particular order…

  • Make my own hours / schedule ~ it’s not that I’m not willing to work long hours, but I crave some flexibility, the option to start at 7am one day, but noon the next, even if it meant working into the evening
  • Choose my work location ~ sometimes I think I’d prefer to work from home, in my PJ’s, but other days, I’d like to get out and about, regardless though, going to the same office everyday bores me
  • I’m hugely into online communication, but I haven’t quite figured out how to make this work in my current role
  • I love writing, photography (although I’m not good), accounting/finance, creating and updating websites, and so much more, none of which I use in my current role
  • I’m extremely organized, detailed oriented, I make sure everything is ‘handled’ so to speak
  • At one point in my life I thought I’d make a great wedding planner, but then I realized brides are crazy
  • At another point in my life I thought I’d love being a Realtor,  but then I realized the rejection might be too much for me to handle, that and people never actually appearing at their scheduled showings
  • And then remember the coffee shop idea?  Not outta my head yet, but not possible right now, as I need capital which Eric and I won’t have access to until at least a year from now
  • I’ve often though I’d be great as a business manager…  I imagine perhaps a local photography shop.  Frankly, I kinda suck at actually taking pictures, so I’d need to partner with the photographers, but I could easily see myself handling every other aspect of the business, including scheduling, customer service, accounting/finance, ordering, website/advertising…
  • Hum… now where can I find some amazing photographers who need me to manage their business??