Another Sunday

Do you ever just sit and wonder what everyone else in the world is doing right now?

Studies show those who browse Facebook often are actually more unhappy with their lives than those who don’t. Well, according to my therapist… Apparently Facebook allows us to compare our lives with others, thus making us feel inadequate. I’m fairly certain I don’t need Facebook to tell me my life is a little dull!

Saturday (yesterday) we ventured out into the steamy weather to check out a BBQ festival. It wasn’t spectacular, but it wasn’t awful either. Food was good. It was just soooo humid. Nora had fun with her perper (purple) dog balloon and Nadia managed to sleep through the very loud blues band.

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Today (Sunday) was even more exciting! Just kidding… We walked through an open house, which was very, very pretty. It didn’t wow me though. It had a lot of neat features, is in a good neighborhood, etc. But… I don’t know, I couldn’t picture us living there. It felt like a house for a family with older kids, or no kids at all. The entry was terribly cramped and the master bedroom was odd-shaped. Maybe I’ll find fault with every house we see, I don’t know.

After the open house we stopped at Old Chicago for lunch. Thank goodness it was rather late in the afternoon, the place was fairly empty, therefore no one for Nora and Nadia to annoy 🙂 Most of the meal was spent watching Nora give Nadia kisses. So sweet!


So that was our weekend… Please tell me yours was more exciting!!! Tomorrow afternoon is Nadia’s speech therapy evaluation. I’m nervous… Her physical therapy is going well, I guess. The therapist always says she’s doing so well, but often I feel like the encouragement is just to keep me from feeling bad. Nadia still isn’t crawling, although she is pivoting quite a bit during tummy time, so it’s a start I guess. I’ll let you all know how tomorrow’s appointment goes. Wish us luck!

Other random updates:

  • Remember the Rodan + Fields Reverse Brightening system I was using on my face? I recently went to see my dermatologist for my every six-month skin cancer check. While there I asked him about the product. He said it’s amazing, if you have dark spots and uneven skin tone. He confirmed my skin is beautiful (his words, not mine) and therefore the reason I’m not seeing any results is because I have nothing for it to correct. So there you have it folks… I’m not sure I completely agree with him, but I’m going with it for now!
  • Still in the research phase of opening a Goddard educational childcare franchise. Can you believe though, that Eric is actually quite interested in the idea? I was totally shocked myself, especially since I already broke the scary news to him, the total expected investment. We need to finish filling out the franchise application, review the investment profile and contracts, and we obviously need a lot more information from the franchise team… but so far, it’s not a no from Eric.
  • Eric saw a patient in clinic, who just happened to have a horrible case of bed bugs. Don’t even get me started on how terrified I currently am regarding the possibility of Eric bringing these home. He made sure to limit contact, dispose of his scrubs, and they even called in a specialized team to fumigate the office, but still! Talk about occupational hazards!

1 Week – Rodan + Fields

Rodan + Fields REVERSE

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Hum… did I get a lot of sun in the past week? There is no filter in either picture, but perhaps the lighting in my bathroom is making me look different… Regardless, I’m not seeing much of a change in my skin as far as even tone and such. I will say my skin feels very, very smooth though, which I like.

This week I’m also going to start using the Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream. I’m hoping it gets rid of my dark circles. Stay tuned!



I decided to try the Rodan + Fields REVERSE line of products myself. This is my before picture, as I just started with the products today. My first impression… they smell very good, very fresh! I’m planning to take a picture each week on Sunday’s to track my progress. If there is any… If you know me well, you know I’m quite skeptical of most products. So we shall see what this line really has to offer…

This photo was taken after I got out of the shower this morning, nothing on my skin no editing. 

Rodan + Fields

Not sure what to say about this yet… So I’ll just say it.

I decided to become an independent consultant for Rodan + Fields. I’ve used some of their products in the past and really liked them. I just wanted the discount, that’s really why I became a consultant. But now I find myself checking my site to see if anyone ordered. Even though I’ve told very, very few about the site.

I’m one of those people who hate being bothered by friends to buy stuff I don’t really need. Mainly because I usually feel like the friend is trying to make money. And if they really need money, they should just ask me for it and I’d help them out. Wait, that didn’t come out right. We all need some amount of money, to live and such. So wanting to make money isn’t the bad part. I guess its more the constant party invitations I receive. I guess I see it as, if I really need something, I’ll seek it out. But… who really needs any of this stuff people sell. Including Rodan + Fields. I think the products are great, but people in Africa live without them. Therefore they are a want. Certainly not a need.

That said, I still think they offer some worthy products. Backed by actually dermatologists. So the link to my site is below. That’s all. Check it out. Buy if you want. Or don’t. I’m not going to lie, it’s expensive.

Here in lies why I sucked as a mortgage lender. I really just suck at sales. I don’t want to push stuff on people.

Shop Stef’s Rodan + Fields site