Nadia’s Cardiology Appointment

Do you ever feel like some appointments are complete wastes of time…?

Nadia had one episode of SVT in the NICU, which did require her heart being shocked with those paddle things, but… Over a year of medication three times a day seems excessive based on one episode, when she was a preemie, whose heart wasn’t ready to beat on its own outside the womb to begin with yet. But, I’m not a cardiologist, so… Our appointments seem a bit pointless though, as all they do is listen to her heart, adjust medication based on weight, and send us on our way. Three hours in the car round trip, for maybe an hour at the hospital.

Today they decided not to adjust her dose, but rather to leave it stable and thus begin to wean her off the medication. We can home with a portable heart monitor she will wear for the next 24 hours. We see the doctor again in three months, at which time another 24 hour monitor will be sent home with us. I think we repeat that every three months for the next year as her dose continues to be lowered. I am thankful we haven’t had more heart issues… But the drives to Iowa City, this being the third in the last seven days, are wearing me out. FullSizeRender 26Nadia was super happy after her EKG, in the photo above… but the drive home was another story. I think she is getting her two top front teeth. And they seem to be coming in pretty far apart. Is that an issue??


I must be doing things the hard way… I often wonder how others would act, what others would do, in my situations.

Recap of my day…

  • Finally got to sleep around midnight after feeding Nadia.
  • Nadia woke at 5:07am crying, fed her and thankfully she went back to sleep until 7ish when Nora woke, probably due to the noise of Eric leaving for work.
  • 7am to 10:30am is spent cleaning up, making a days worth of formula, unloading and reloading dishwasher, chugging coffee, washing sheets, folding towels which had been in the dryer for way too long, feeding Nadia again, dreaming up something for Nora’s breakfast that is easy to clean off the floor, yelling at Kona to stop barking, yelling at Nora to stop feeding the animals (Kona), etc.
  • At 10:30am I decide we need out of the house so I load the girls into the stroller and we go for a walk. It was nice to get out, warm but windy. I swear Cedar Falls, not Chicago, is the windy city.
  • Upon returning home Nora repeats ‘eat’ so I make her standard shells and cheese. One of the few foods she will actually eat.
  • While Nora is eating and Nadia is crying, as this is her standard behavior now unless I’m holding her, the new cleaning company calls.
  • Back-story… Several weeks ago I fired MaidPro. For so many reasons, but mainly because they were unprofessional, reeked of cigarette smoke, and were never on time.
  • So new company is Evergreen Specialty Cleaning, and so far, I’m not all that impressed. Cleaning-wise I think they do pretty good, not awesome, but certainly better than MaidPro. And the girls who come to clean are professional in appearance, they wear covers on their shoes, company shirts, don’t reek of smoke, so all good things there. The issue again though, is schedule. All I want is the same day/time each week. Is that really too much to ask for?? They rescheduled the first two cleanings and now this week is the third time they will have been here. Last time they came on Wednesday at 1pm so I assumed the same this week. Yesterday (Tuesday) they call and say that one of the girls isn’t feeling well so they need to come Thursday instead. Um, good thing they called or I would have been surprised when they just showed up yesterday. Then today they call and say that they had a cancellation so now an opening today, and also one of the girls wants to take a personal day Thursday, hence they needed to come today. Okay… They gave me one hour of notice to pick up my pigsty of a home so they could actually find the floors and counters and such to clean. When they walked in today they tell me they only have two hours free this afternoon so they will clean what they can and one girl will come back tomorrow to finish. I almost wanted to say forget it. I get things come up, but this has been every cleaning so far…
  • So cleaners are here from 1pm-3pm which means Nora doesn’t go down for a nap until 3pm… way too late. I continue to offer Nadia food which she sometimes will take and sometimes won’t, and she continues to cry unless I’m holding her. The three of us feel like prisoners in our own home, stuck in the lower level.
  • I thought the worst part of teething was when the teeth are actually breaking through the gums… That part is over for Nadia’s bottom two front teeth, why is she still sooooo fussy?? I don’t feel any more coming in right now.

  • Nora wakes at 4:20pm, we go outside for a bit, which is a pain as again, Nadia wants to be held and that’s hard outside. And every time I run into the house to get something for Nadia, Nora follows me up the steps of the deck inside, which are really steep. I guess we need a gate at the bottom in addition to the gate we have at the top.
  • I decide to feed Nora chicken nuggets while we are outside playing. Something different as far as the setting, maybe she will eat more. No, still like two nuggets and she is done, well, after she squeezed the applesauce pouch all over. I guess at least we are outside…
  • Nadia is still crying so I make her a bottle and Nora follows me inside, again. I give up on being in the backyard and let Nora play at her water-table on the deck. She is soaking so needs a bath.
  • After bath she claims she needs to ‘eat’ so I give her the cold nuggets she didn’t finish from her first dinner, and other things. Of which she takes like two bites.
  • It’s 7:30pm by now and Nadia is rubbing her eyes so I get another bottle, a binkie, and attempt to rock her to sleep. Nora brings her iPad into Nadia’s room and watches Peg + Cat. Yeah, go ahead, click the link, I’ll wait. The voice that will talk to you is the one I hear in my dreams. And nightmares.
  • 8pm make bottle for Nora, find her binkie and blanket and read her a few books before putting her to bed. She is still thrashing around in her bed and talking to herself now an hour later. I’ve gone in three times so far to stick Nadia’s binkie back into her mouth.
  • Eric still isn’t home. He only had four surgeries scheduled today but apparently something bad came into the ER when he was finally ready to come home, so he’s still there.
  • Dinner was supposed to be this, I even got the meat marinating while Nora was napping, but since I had no clue when Eric would be home, I didn’t actually prepare the rest of the ingredients. My biggest complaint is never knowing when Eric will be home. It’s not like he can even contact me most days… So I just sit here and wait and wonder. I usually pick three or so recipes each week and get all the ingredients ahead of time, but I’m beginning to feel like this effort is pointless. Eric is rarely home to eat with me, and it’s so hard to cook while watching two little kids. I really want to offer Nora at least one healthy, real meal each day, but she is hungry at 5pm or so and needs to be in bed by 7pm or so… so waiting for Eric to get home to help me with dinner and the kids is pretty much impossible. Thus, Nora eats junk, and so do I. Tonight I had La Casa’s White Queso. So healthy, I know.
  • So it’s 9pm, I guess I go to bed… Another day complete. Sort of.

35 Weeks

I was holding Nadia last night, rocking her while she was screaming, I assume teething, and was thinking, I can’t believe she is already 35 weeks! Where do the days go??? She isn’t sitting yet, just propped up in this photo.As for teething, I don’t remember Nora being so fussy. It seems like Nadia is inconsolable unless we keep up with Advil every 6 hours. So far I only see her two bottom front teeth coming in, but I haven’t really looked in her mouth lately. Yesterday was tough, Eric didn’t get home until late, Nadia wasn’t interested in napping, only wanted to be held, and Nora was whiny anytime I gave Nadia attention. So basically all freaking day. And Nora loves to play outside, which is great, but hard with Nadia. Seemed like every time I laid Nadia down we would go outside to play, and 15 minutes later (no shit) Nadia would be awake and screaming. How do mommies with 5 kids do this????

I did find time yesterday to (finally) color Easter eggs with Nora. I’d been meaning to, but just hadn’t gotten around to it. And I’ve decided I need to do more art projects and such with her. We had fun, she really enjoyed it I think! Granted, we needed with multicolored hands, but totally worth it. And it was adorable how when Eric got home from work she said up to him and pointed to the fridge so she could show him her eggs.

Yesterday I also signed up for ABC Mouse. Anyone familiar? Love it? Hate it? It says it’s for children starting at 2, but I feel like Nora is too young for a lot of it… We’ll see I guess. She loves the iPad, so at least this would be a learning opportunity while using technology.

Did I ever write about our trip to St. Louis? Hum… Stay turned for that!

12 month check-up

Yesterday was Nora’s 12 month check-up with our regular pediatrician.  All in all, Nora is doing fantastic.  We talked about how we switched to formula rather than my fortified breast milk.  The doctor said that was fine as long as she continues to follow the same growth curve, which she is.  We will continue to offer some baby food and table food, but the doctor said not to stress, that formula at this point should still be her main food, at least until her due date, which isn’t until June 1st.  Side note, does anyone have experience with toddler formula?  We’ve using Gerber Gentle but I see there are several formulas that appear more geared for babies 9+ months.  Anyone use any of these?  I meant to ask the doctor, but forgot.

For stats, Nora weighed 15 lbs 12 oz, was 26.75 inches long, and had a head circumference of 16.8 inches.  Percentages are below in the graphs, based on her adjusted age.

FullSizeRender (77) FullSizeRender (78) FullSizeRender (79)

For vaccinations, we still weren’t able to do the live ones, so she still hasn’t received her MMR or Chicken Pox, but she is up to date on all others, which meant just two injections yesterday.  Oh, and a finger prick for a lead test.  Apparently that’s required at a 12 month check.  Who knew!  I’m kind of annoyed that we still don’t have her immune results back from the last visit, which was February 18th I think.  I realize the tests they ran are very, very rare, and that only a couple of labs in the country run them, but still.  I’ll have to call the University and see what the hold up is…

As far as development, Nora is actually on track for a 12 month old, even though corrected she’s just 9 months.  Honestly I’m thrilled, considering her bad luck with meningitis and sepsis in the NICU.  Remember all those posts of mine, fearing the worse, that Nora would never be a ‘normal’ child?  I guess our prayers were answered 🙂

And I continue to pray for wonderful progress!  Speaking of, she’s getting her third tooth, one of her top eye teeth, or whatever they are called.  Not one of the two front one next to those.  And… she has taken a couple of steps, just one or two on her own before falling, but still, a huge milestone!!!

A catch-up post

I feel like I hardly ever write anymore…  And I miss it.  Just so much going on, or so I say, but then I look at my life and I think…  We don’t do anything!  No really, we don’t!

Here are a few updates, in no particular order and not really even related..

I think Nora is teething.  I know, I’ve said that before, but she is super cranky lately, which is really, really unlike her.  And while she’s been chewing on everything for months, it’s different now.  While I was rocking her to sleep tonight she had her binkie in the sides of her mouth just chewing away.  We’ve been giving her Motrin and Tylenol, which do seem to help, but I still feel so bad for her.  Thank goodness we get teeth as babies and don’t remember it!  She is still sleeping through the night for the most part, but getting her to sleep at night is a bit tougher now.  Naps are still hit or miss.  A few days ago she napped for over two hours.  Today it was like 30 minutes.

This past weekend Eric and I made an effort to socialize a bit more than we have since moving here in September.  Friday night my mom watched Nora so Eric and I could attend a New Year’s Eve party at the home of a family practice physician who routinely consults Eric.  He and his wife were super nice, made us feel very welcome!  The wife had called me the day before to personally invite me and give me an idea of what was planned and such.  There were five other couples at the party, and all their children who ranged in age from 4-10, well, I’m guessing, as I’m awful at figuring out kids ages.  The party was fun, one other guy there was a surgeon, I forget his specialty, so Eric knew him from the hospital as well, but the other couples were neighbors of the host and hostess.  It was super nice to meet some new faces and chat with other moms, mostly stay-at-home moms, who understand my boredom and frustrations.  And it was nice that their children are older and thus they could offer me advice on daycare, preschools, etc., but gosh, all the information gets overwhelming.  I don’t even remember all their names now or how many kids they have.  And do I really need to be thinking about preschool already??  So yes, everyone was super, super nice, although I’ll say the party got seriously interesting when we started playing Cards Against Humanity.  The bottles of alcohol could have had something to do with that too!

Then Saturday we attended another party to watch the Hawks play in the Rose Bowl.  Thank goodness the party was more entertaining than the game.  One of our regular sitters was free to watch Nora, but unfortunately we left right after the game ended since Nora was super fussy.  I blame teething.  And it was past her bedtime by then, and it seems I’m the only one she’ll sleep for.  Ugh.  So the party though, it was at the home of an anesthesiologist that Eric met at the hospital.  Several others in the medical field were also in attendance, and strangely enough, most of the wives were nurses.  Well, those that work.  I’m finding a theme here.  Actually, the hostess is a nurse who stopped working to raise her children who are all now in school.  She was thinking of applying at Eric’s office, but I’m pretty sure they just hired another nurse and aren’t currently looking for more.

I didn’t feel quite as at home at the football party…  Something about the women…  Huge diamonds, huger chests, I assume implants.  Not that I have anything against implants.  The women just seemed super clicky, like back in high school.  They invited us out this Saturday night, but I’m not sure I really want to go, and we’d have to find a sitter for Nora again.  And the group from Friday’s party invited us out this Friday evening, but again, no sitter.  I’m guessing one of my regular girls could come, but is it worth it when all I do is wonder if Nora is crying for the sitter?  Is that what all moms do when they are away from their children?

Crap, so much more I wanted to write about, but I’m tired and all I can think about is my bed!  More tomorrow.  Or the next day…