Happy Valentine’s Day

Preschool. My girls are only in preschool, and already I feel like the institute of education is, in this case, a creative competition. And I’m not creative.

Parents were asked to decorate a box or bag at home for their children to use as their valentine mailbox. Of course I bought the kit I discovered at Target. Which lead to this fb post…

In the end, all was well… The girls had fun decorating their boxes, after I finally got them assembled. And from what I could tell, they had fun at their parties at school as well. Another holiday in the books! Eric got me a gorgeous flower arrangement, and I ordered this workout mirror for him, well, us, although it’s not scheduled to ship until mid-March. Does anyone have one of these? I’m curious if we’ll actually use it… Thankfully it doubles as a full-length traditional mirror when not in use. An expensive one, but at least usable!

Valentine’s Day

I made shirts for the girls last night, and while I’m not sure they completely understand Valentine’s Day or the fact they are having parties at school today, they seemed to enjoy their matching outfits!

Eric is still on-call today, arriving home tomorrow, so he and I have dinner plans out tomorrow evening. I’m so anxious to see him, and have a dinner out alone, but a little scared to leave my girls. I know they will be fine, but they are hard enough for me to get to bed… So I assume even harder for my mom who agreed to watch them!

How is everyone else celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day

Nadia is still sick. I’ve basically not slept in two days. Which I know is a normal part of motherhood, but it still sucks. Nadia’s fever overnight was in the 104 range, although I think it’s come down a lot today. Maybe the meds are starting to work. The antibiotic is giving her diarrhea though, so that’s fun on top of it all. I assume her stomach is upset too from how she is acting. She did eat a few bites for lunch, which is more than yesterday or Monday, and she will take apple juice, but pushes away milk or toddler formula. I’ve been thinking all morning she has to be exhausted since her and I were up every hour last night and then were up for the day at 4am, but she refuses to nap. She’s currently screaming in her crib. Which I hate doing, but she needs to sleep and this was a last-ditch effort.

Nora went back to school today as I didn’t want her to miss the Valentine’s Day party planned for this afternoon. I was assigned to bring a ‘sweet treat’ and my original thought were these cute pretzels, but since Nadia was so sick and Nora was home with me yesterday too, well, I just didn’t find a way to get out of the house to pick up the supplies. Eric did come home last night, even though he’s on-call this week (long-story there) but he wasn’t home until 9pm and I was out of energy to start cooking at that hour. So… my sweet treat for her party were Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins.

OMG, Nadia is finally sleeping! But now… do I nap like I want to? No, I guess I do one of the millions things on my to do list, like clean, laundry, sweep up the sand/salt all over the mud room, dishes, shower, oh yeah, I guess maybe I should shower.

Oh a bright note, the girls liked the cute little assortment of Valentine’s goodies I gave them this morning! Nadia even gave me a few smiles between painful cries.

Nevermind that shower idea… Nadia’s nap was short-lived…

Sick Again

Daycare called… Nadia had a fever. So back to the doctor we went this afternoon, with Nora in tow. Another ear infection. Ugh. A different, stronger antibiotic. We’ll see. So Nadia will be home with me tomorrow, hopefully I can at least get some laundry done. And the girl’s Valentine’s written out for their school parties on Wednesday.

I have lots more I’d say, but per usual Eric isn’t home from work yet… Nadia is already sleeping, but Nora is just now eating her Mac and cheese, which she insisted on, even though I made dinner. It will be bedtime for her soon. I’ll try to update again soon…

I was thinking today… all those people who keep telling me to enjoy these times, as the days are long but the years are short… I’m guessing at some point in time I’ll look back and realize this to be true. But as I was attempting to make dinner, while both girls were hanging on me, screaming… Well, it was hard to keep that in perspective. I’m so very thankful for my girls. I love them so much. But all that doesn’t make parenting alone so often any easier.

Weekly Pregnancy Update – 25 Weeks

How far along: 25w0d

Baby’s size: 14.02 in., 1.68 lbs., about the size of a papaya.

Total weight gain: I made up for no gain two weeks ago, up 2.2 lbs. this week, so up 12.5 lbs. from egg retrieval.

25 weeksStretch marks: Nothing new since the start of this pregnancy!

Sleep: Still depends on the night, getting up 3+ times to pee though.

Symptoms/Feeling: I’m still really stuffy, but surprisingly I haven’t felt nearly as much pelvic pressure the past few days.  So happy for that!  And certainly getting more excited, this feels more and more real the more I feel her kick and move.

Best moment of this week: Eric and I had a very nice, relaxing dinner at One Twenty Six on Valentine’s Day.  Nice to spend some time together, actually talking, rather than texting friends and watching TV!

Miss anything: Bending over, I need more slip on shoes!

Movement: Yes, I feel her most after my morning latte and at night when I crawl into bed.  Such a cool feeling!

Food cravings: Still eating two oranges every night!

Gender: Girl

Labor signs: The next ultrasound to recheck my cervix is Thursday, February 26th, so still over a week away.  I’m really hoping for no change since most of the pressure I was experiencing seems to be gone.

Belly button in or out: Still in and it better stay that way!

Wedding rings on or off: On!

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy but stressed too.  Last night I organized a few more things in her room, which really doesn’t resemble much of a baby’s room since she’ll only be there a month or so.  I got the monitor out and Eric had a bit of fun tormenting the dog, asking her if she wanted treats through the intercom feature.  Poor Kona didn’t know where the heck the voice was coming from!

Looking forward to: Too soon to say her birth?  All this preparation…  I’m just ready to meet her!

Purchases for baby:  I might have splurged on a high chair.  But… in my defense, this thing appears to be usable from birth till I’m sick of it.  I’m anxious for it to arrive!

Eric’s reactions:  Eric reminded me last night that he still hasn’t felt her kick, which I thought was cute of him to remember and mention.  One of these nights I need to pay attention and let him feel her 😉